Saturday, February 27, 2021

Monthly Mini--and what was I thinking?

It's that time again. I really intended to post more than once this month. I even had something to share, but I never seemed to have time to post, so you get the whole month's boatload in one post! Sorry. This month's mini is in homage to Wendy's August mini last year, which you can see here. 

I was so taken with her little quilt and finally had a chance to make a "tribute quilt" inspired by her creation! The 4-patches in this little thing are 1" square, and the quilt finishes at about 15"x17". 

I quilted the center section by machine, but just HAD to honor the beautiful border fabric with hand quilting along the curves. This was such a busy week and I didn't start this quilt until Tuesday. I don't know why I thought I had time to do any hand quilting, but sometimes it is just a requirement!   The photo below almost gives you a good view of the quilting--almost.

Linked to Wendy (The Constant Quilter blog) for the monthly mini links. Many fun and creative minis to check out in that post.

My Winter Retreat project from January 2014 is finally a flimsy! This is Pam Buda's Settler's Puzzle. As I said in a previous post, this is designed as a 2-color quilt. Though they look so beautiful, I get pretty on edge working with only two colors for very long. Hence my 4-color version. It will also be bound in green, if it ever gets quilted.

Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before this is quilted and bound--but you never know around here. I am thinking that when it does get quilted, feathers will definitely be involved.

I thought I was being so brave to sign up for Barbara Brackman's "Hands All Around" Alcott family themed BOM. (One block a month--not too late to join!) I have attempted to join her SALs in years past, but when I fall behind I tend to drop out--and that is what has always happened. I am determined to keep up this year. It is only one star block a month--how hard can that be? And you have a choice of 8", 12" or 16" blocks. Of course, I am making two blocks each month, and I am making the 8". Some people are doing one of each size. Mine will be in Civil War pinks and browns (obviously), and these are for the first two months. This is as far as I ever get before life gets in the way, so I am hoping to actually get month three made in March.


And then there is that other Pam Buda project on my design wall--Every Little Bit, from the June 2015 Issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

I am on track to have all of the blocks made by the end of the year. That is my "goal", but it is a loose one. Originally I thought I would be glad to get the blocks made within 2 years, but the blocks make up more quickly than I expected, so it may turn out to be a one year project. On the other hand, who knows what curves life may throw as the year progresses.







And speaking of curves--my quilt for Cecile's QAL is all sewn together. I am toying with different Ideas for the quilting. I have a couple of months (I think) to get it quilted and bound, but I can't keep putting it off, or it won't happen. This is much more modern than my normal work, and the quilting style should reflect that. No feathers here!




Another project I had planned to do this year came from the October 2020 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I have wanted to make a bed size house quilt for years, and had saved a couple of possible patterns. But when I saw the one in this issue, I knew this was the winner.                                                                                   

I am doing my houses in a variety of Civil War blues, but the star cornerstones will still be red. I am also adding another row of houses.

I made my first block last month, but when I went to trim it up, I accidentally cut it too small. This will now have to be an orphan block and I will need to start again. Sharon at Grass Roots Quilting blog is making this quilt, and her top is finished. Click the link on her name to see it.

As if this all isn't enough "works in progress", I had ANOTHER weak moment (so many already this year) while reading Kyle's blog recently, and I am now signed up for Gay Bomer's BOW, Heartfelt--and it is another 2 color quilt. I have toyed with the idea of doing it in purple and cream--or possibly throwing in some cheddar, and maybe a pop of black. Strange color scheme, you think? I made a mini in this combination years ago, and I still love the effect. We'll see. But I am already behind a couple of weeks, so I hope I don't get discouraged. I know so many of you do so much more than this at a time. But I know my limits, and this exceeds them--so what was I thinking?!?

Like I said in the beginning, you got the whole boatload! Now take a few deep breaths as you look at this and see if you feel better. This photo was taken on my drive home from my oldest grandson's orchestra concert last Thursday--yes, I pulled over to take the picture. I think I pulled over about 4 different times to capture the changing colors, but this was my favorite.

 Until next time,                                                                                                               

Janet O.