Saturday, April 18, 2015

This, That, and The Other (and this, again)

THIS... what I did while I still had my Kim Diehl fabrics out. She designed this for a recent quilt cruise project. No, I didn't go, but Michelle did and she loaned me the pattern after she made hers. I had seen Kim's when I took her class last Fall, and I am happy to now have my own. Thanks, Michelle!

The scraps from the above project made some great little ornaments. I haven't made these for a little while and it was fun to do them again. I really like the pineapple in these fabrics. Think I'll have to make more--someday.

That... my version of Pam Buda's Nabby's Dowry SAL under Gidget's needle. Finally getting it quilted up for grandchild #5. DD#1 does not want typical baby quilts, and I am more than happy to oblige.  : )
Can you see my FMQ sample from my first class hanging above my machine? That is to encourage me. When I feel like I am not doing a good job of quilting, I can glance up and remember that I have come a long way.

The Other...
...recent activity in my sewing room has been quilting and binding these two little quilts. On the left is my "Bowties in Plaid" (aka Baby Bowties), made from thrift store shirt fabrics, and on the right is the little quilt I made replicating one of Kathie Holland's creations (still nameless). The fabrics were donated by Kathie and I made the top quickly, but I stalled on the quilting.
 I got them finished in time for...
 I visited the local miniature quilt guild again. I had a few more quilts this time than when I did a trunk show last year, and I didn't have to borrow back any that I had gifted in order to have enough. This was a display only, not a presentation, and that took a lot of the pressure off.
This guild is such a great bunch of gals. What a fun evening! If I was ever tempted to join a guild, this would be the one! Thanks, ladies!

Now I need to get busy on those wool applique projects I am  finding every 30 days or so on a couple of blogs. (I worked really hard there not to say BOM--you know, those things I DON'T do).

Until next time,
Janet O.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Little finishes and some wool gathering.

The two little quilts in Kim Diehl fabrics are finished.
The larger one (No Big Diehl) is a mini version of Kim Diehl's design "All in a Row".
In my last post I asked for name suggestions for the smaller one. I received many good ideas, but still can't decide, though I think I have narrowed it down.

My Spring version of Lisa Bongean's Old Glory Gatherings pattern is now completed and hanging in my living room.

I do think there will be one more little quilt made for this series, but it will wait a few months.

Just in the nick of time I finished stitching up the March block for Miss Stacey's Mystery BOM (yes, I know--I don't do mysteries and I don't do BOMs).

I chose not to use the crown, so I added an extra bee for height, and threw in some buzzing lines. Don't you know about those? I live next door to a real life bee garden and I see those in the air all the time (well, it was still April Fool's Day when I started writing this--but I really do live next door to a bee garden).

So here are the three blocks so far for those things I don't do (mysteries, BOMs).

Just caught up with the last three Attic Heirlooms Ornaments of the Month. Check out the link for April's ornament. So cute! Each pattern is free through the month it is posted.
You are extremely perceptive if you caught on to the fact that I am not making these into ornaments. I am appliqueing them onto cotton from thrift store shirts and will be sashing them with red and green shirt fabrics for a little mini Christmas quilt. I think I will trim the blocks to about 4 1/2" before sashing them.

Finally, and most fun of all, almost two weeks ago (has it really been that long?) I was able to meet up with friend and fellow blogger, Gayle (The Middle Sister blog) for a nice lunch. We actually remembered to get a photo just before we parted ways.
Always such a treat to get to spend time with Gayle. They don't come any nicer!

Up next on my quilting agenda is to turn my Nabby's Dowry flimsy into a baby quilt. Picked up the backing flannel yesterday and will wash it up tomorrow. Grandchild #5 is less than 2 months away!

Until next time,
Janet O.