Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's A Small Honor

That is the name of the pattern from which that little mini in the center was created.
 It was designed by Diane Hansen and was published in the July/August 2003 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. It finishes at 4"x6". The pattern was sent to me by a special blogging friend and she knew I would love this mini pattern. Wish I could leave it hanging there, but I donated it to the family reunion auction on Saturday and my younger sister bought it. I was happy to see her get it. Maybe I'll make one for me someday. : )

The pattern is foundation paper pieced. I machine quilted it all, except the final round of quilting in the outer border. That is done by hand.
That little piece is really all of the quilting I have done since I got home from visiting DD#1 in NH. But I do want to share a couple of quilty things from my visit with her. If you are ever in the area of Milton, NH, and you love primitive style, be sure to drop in and visit Camille at the shop in the basement of her home. What a treat.

This is my daughter and Camille. Camille is looking at my new grandbaby, but due to the rules governing the private adoption, I can't share photos of the baby on public social media for a few more months. But you can tell by the look on Camille's face that she is very cute! : )

Click on the small photos below to enlarge them and take a tour of some of the displays in this very fun and friendly shop.

 This was what came home with me from Evergreen Country Primitives. Wonderful fabric finds, and great wool, patterns, and notions.

The other quilt shop experience I had in NH took place in Center Harbor.
I just happened to be visiting DD#1 the week of the Keepsake Quilting Tent Sale. I have often heard about it, especially on Victoria's blog, but never thought I would be there. Tried to meet up with Victoria, but had a little family emergency and couldn't get there until later in the day. My daughter and I each filled a scrap bag as full as could be, I bought a book, and these lovely fabrics.

When I got back home to Utah I found two delightful surprises--packages of scraps from a couple of blog friends. I appreciate them thinking of me. I do love scrap quilts and you can never have too many scraps! I emptied my scrap bag from K.Q. and piled them with all of the scraps from the packages together by color family or genre (if there is such a thing in fabric).

One last thing. Saturday was the 37th anniversary of DH and I. We spent the day at a family reunion for which my siblings and I were responsible, and then came home and crashed. But as a parting shot, here we are in our true characters. *LOL*

Until next time,
Janet O.

Monday, June 1, 2015

All my bags are packed...

... I'm ready to go. Just sing along with me here, unless you are unfamiliar with the song "Leaving on a Jet Plane."

I am only going to be gone 7 days, but there are so many things people want me to take to the new baby or the new Mom--and there are a few things I wanted to take to them, too. : )

Maybe I can put my carry-on inside my checked bag on the way home (I hope).

There are a couple of hand-stitching projects tucked into those bags. Nothing new, but some that I will enjoy working on when I have sitting time.

Making Houses From Scraps was a gift project from my friend Annie M. when I was flying to visit my daughter a couple of years ago. There were 12 houses in the kit she sent and I got a few of them finished on that trip and then I worked on them at home until I got enough of them completed to make this little quilt which I call "Annie's Neighborhood."

 It currently hangs in my living room and greets you as you walk in the door.  I have a different layout planned for the other house blocks. I hope it will work out.

This is an old photo of the other project I packed. I have made a little progress on it, but it is packed away and I can't get a photo of it.
Maybe I will have something more to show when I get home.

I leave for the airport in less than an hour, but I wanted to let you know that Taryn (of Repro Quilt Lover blog) won my giveaway. Congrats to Taryn, and if you aren't familiar with her blog, check it out. I love her style.

I probably won't keep up with blogs much while I am away, but I'll catch you in a week.

Until then,
Janet O.