Saturday, July 30, 2022

Monthly Mini and Churn Dash progress

Just a bitty thing (5"x7") made from some tiny leftovers after cutting up a bunch of 30s repro fabrics.  I bound it in yellow and named it "A Little Bit of Sunshine". 

It is is machine quilted with diagonal lines that form tilted rectangles. The photo below shows the quilting better, and gives you a better size perspective.

Linking up with Wendy (The Constant Quilter blog), where you can check out the other mini makers and what they have created this month.

Here is my progress on Chooky's Churn Dash SAL. I haven't decided yet if I am going with 41 or 50 blocks, but I am on track for 50 with these 25 blocks at the halfway mark.
These are 9" blocks, so the little churn dash centers of some blocks are 3". There are 42 official participants in this SAL--you can find them all in a link list on Chooky's sidebar. And there are several others who are making churn dash quilts with the group "unofficially".

We just returned from our annual family reunion/campout. We reserve a large, private campsite and my siblings and our posterity are invited. We had 55 participate this year, but the little intruder we found in a banana my hubby had hung in our camp, was definitely not invited. Do you think he thought he was camouflaged? Click to enlarge for the full effect.

Don't want to leave you with that photo, so I'll leave you with this one.
These clouds are over the eastern mountains, but this is the sunset, not the sunrise--the colors were just reflecting clear across the valley.

So much going on in this world of ours, it can leave your head spinning. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind.
Until next time,
Janet O.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

A Tsunami, a Festival, and Baptist Fans

I saw an intriguing quilt recently on Deonn Stott's blog, "Quiltscapes". Such a clever name for the quilt--Tsunami: A Giant Storm at Sea. And that is exactly what it is: a giant version of the beloved quilt pattern, Storm at Sea. You can see many variations of this quilt on Deonn's blog here. (The red/white/blue version would be great for Quilts of Valor.)

And here is my progress so far. These blocks are huge--the smallest block is the lavender/purple square-in-a-square. It is 8 1/2" unfinished. I've made quilts smaller than that!!  You will notice that only three blocks combine to make the entire quilt, and create the illusion of curves with only straight edges being sewn. Don't you love that in a quilt?

I am using Grunge "Seeing Stars" fabric line for this creation. So out of my wheelhouse. I was going to use batiks, but when I went fabric shopping with a friend last week, I realized none of the shops we were visiting carried batiks. So when I saw the colors I was hoping to find were all in this line, I snatched them up.
Eight years ago I foundation pieced a mini Storm at Sea quilt. Just yesterday, as I walked past the yardstick gallery outside my sewing room door where that mini hangs, I realized something. The colors I used then are exactly the colors I chose for this quilt--without consciously choosing to copy it.

Crazy, isn't it? I guess my mind goes to those colors when I think of a storm at sea.

And to get an idea of the size difference between these two projects, here they are on the design wall together.

Sorry for the poor lighting on this. This little quilt pretty much matches the size of the smallest block in Tsunami. 

So if you have always wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt, but are not sure you would have the patience for all those little pieces, and diamond shapes, this may be the way to go.

Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial for making the blocks, and they have partnered with Deonn to make a template to cut those diamonds. The pattern comes with a paper template, but I bought the template from MSQC, and I am not sorry. The links for the digital pattern, printed pattern, tutorial, and the acrylic template are all in Deonn's post linked in the first paragraph of this post.

You can see the template in this photo, with all of the fabric cut and ready to sew. Very easy to cut everything for this quilt.

On Thursday I had the opportunity to spend just a few hours at the Salt Lake City International Quilt Festival. I really enjoyed the large number of vintage quilts on display. There was a section of red/green quilts for a "Christmas In July" display. Another display titled "Out of the Blue" was almost entirely vintage blue and white quilts. And there was a display called "Pieces of the Past", that included a wide range of vintage quilts. There were several other displays, and I enjoyed them all, but those three were my favorites.

But the highlight of the festival for me was the opportunity to meet another blogger. Barbara Black (My Joyful Journey blog) works in the Education Office for the Quilt Festival, whether in Salt Lake City, Houston, or wherever they are. I was able to stop in, grab a hug, and chat for a while before going to enjoy the festival. It was such a treat!

Barbara was binding a quilt (Blueberry Hill) she had shared on her blog recently.

She has been teaching quilt making for many years, and is a concise, thorough teacher. She even teaches on cruises. This is the info on her next one. She also does teaching videos for The Quilt Show's BOM. I am in awe of her many talents!

I will be adding this meet-up to the tab above named accordingly (Blogger meet-ups).

On the actual quilting front, I am finally getting around to quilting the half-log cabin quilt I assembled after having shoulder surgery a few years back. I am using Barb's large Baptist Fan stencil. I had my quilt basted by my longarm quilter, and then I mark one row at a time using the stencil and a pounce pad. That way the marks haven't all rubbed away before I get to them.

Don't look too closely at the two rows I have already quilted. There is a multitude of wobbles and bobbles. I've had the stencil for a long time, but this is the first time I've used it. 

I'm quilting this on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16. No, I don't usually let the quilt hang down over the table as I work. I keep it rolled up in front of me. But when I stepped away to take the photo, it unrolled.

I am practicing the Baptist Fans on this quilt, because I want to use them on my Circa 1880 quilt, but I didn't want that to be the first time I had tried quilting that Baptist Fan pattern.

More glorious sunsets recently. Here is one of them.

I should be back in a week for the monthly mini post and a check in with Chooky's Churn Dash SAL (thanks for the spontaneous Zoom today, Chooky).

Until then, be creative, and be kind!

Janet O.

Friday, July 1, 2022

June's Monthly Mini and Chooky's Churn Dash SAL

If I hadn't been dealing with COVID this week, I might have had this finished and posted on time. Here is my June Monthly Mini,  joining the other Miniacs with Wendy, The Constant Quilter. Check them out!

Back in April I made the center of this from leftovers of my version of Gay Bomers' Heartfelt pattern. I  couldn't decide--border, or no border? Since then I had given up on a border and had even cut the batting and was trying to choose what to use for backing. That was when I happened across the floral print stripe on a visit to Village Dry Goods. It is a Nancy Gere design, and I just had to have some, but I didn't have anything in mind for it. Back at home, as I looked at the quilt top, and then at the striped print, it just seemed to click--they belonged together. The leftover purple strips I used to border the stripe were not long enough to enable me to attempt mitered corners (not sure I'm sad about that--haven't done one of those in so long). So I used some leftover 9-patches, and surrounded them with a dark purple leftover, and trimmed the blocks to fill the corners. Then I machine quilted the whole thing, and squirted it well with water and let it air dry to give it more of a crinkled, vintage look.

The colors in the quilt seemed to be in harmony with the floribunda roses currently blooming in my garden. That is a purple rose in the center of the bouquet, but when it is in bud, it looks more red.

Aside from being late to post my monthly mini, I am also late on my monthly check-in for Chooky's Churn Dash SAL. I have not yet decided how many blocks I will have in my quilt, or how they will be set. I also have no idea how many "Double" blocks I will include. But I have 50 blocks cut--just in case. And 16 of those blocks are made, and shown below.

I have always loved Churn Dash quilts and have made several--but nothing larger than a baby quilt. So I am excited to make one large enough to cover a bed. 

It was fun to catch a bit of a Zoom with Chooky today. Just what I needed after a week of isolation. Always fascinating to see what we end up discussing, besides quilting, of course.

Sunsets lately have often been stunning. I'll leave you with one over the farmyard.
Until next time, be creative, and be kind.

Janet O.