Barrister's Sow-Along

Barrister's  Sow-Along Blocks
Click on the block name to go to Randy's post (or Bonnie's) containing the pattern. Block names that are on the same line are contained within the same post.
To find the instructions for Randy's "Flying Geese" method click here and go to the directions in this post for the "Cups and Saucers" block.


  1. please tell me where you got the pattern for your version of the Picnic quilt - I saw it on the Primitive blog...Vicky

  2. Your quilts are so Beautiful, Love the way you set your Barristor's blocks on the diagonal...I'm in the process of making my blocks in between other projects (Celtic Solstice). Doing mine with CW fabrics. I have about 33 blocks so far...I should redo a couple of them, but I won't..


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