Monday, November 30, 2020

November Monthly Mini

True to my norm, I am posting my November Monthly Mini just under the wire. I will link up with Wendy, our faithful and fearless leader. Check out the link to see the other monthly mini makers (I love alliteration). Haven't thought of a name for it yet, but it measures 20"x24".

This was made up when I came across a bag of Sandy Gervais autumn and Halloween scraps given to me by my retreat buddy a few years ago.
She met me at a local quilt shop that is about halfway between our homes, saying she had something for me. Her trunk was full of boxes and bags of scraps and yardage she was cleaning out.  It was like Christmas for me.


It is a simple double 4-patch. I have always loved those. Once upon a time I actually made one that was large enough to keep someone warm. I need to do more of that.


I was so excited that my copy of Barbara's new encyclopedia came early. Wasn't due until Dec. 1st. It arrived on the 28th of November. DH ordered it for my birthday. I am enjoying perusing it. My old edition has been a favorite, and this edition is even more fun, with colored versions of each block included.


Hope all my U.S. friends had a good Thanksgiving, however you had to adapt your celebration this year.

We had a pie social on Wednesday in my youngest daughter's backyard. There were 10 of us, and we kept our distance between households. It was supposed to be in the 40s, so we were prepared for it to be cool. But just before we gathered, the sun went behind the clouds and a breeze picked up. It was cold.

We wrapped up and did our best to enjoy pie and ice cream in spite of the chill factor. We only lasted about 50 minutes, but we had fun and created a memory.

That evening on my walk, the sunset looked like the mountains were on fire. Love it when that happens.

Our actual Thanksgiving dinner consisted of only 5 of us--smallest ever! Last year I think we had 20, and we thought that was small.

In spite of the craziness of this year, there is still so much that fills my heart with joy and thanksgiving. Among those blessings are the friendships I have made through this blog. I think about you and pray for you, and I enjoy the visits, whether via email, texts, calls, or those rare but delightful visits in real life. Thank you all for being a consistently good thing in my life.

Until next time,

Janet O.