Saturday, November 13, 2021

Lori's SAL and The Tiny Club

This is what I made for Lori's (Humble Quilts Blog) "Land That I Love" SAL. I haven't had a chance to quilt it, or name it.  

When Lori announced the SAL I was really in the mood to use fall colors, so I rummaged through bags of HSTs and my scrap basket under my cutting table and came up with everything for the blocks. The setting triangles and squares were cut from a FQ.

I keep telling myself I am going to hand quilt it, but it hasn't happened, so maybe I just need to machine quilt it and have it finished. And if someone has a name idea, I would love to hear it.

Now, just what is The Tiny Club, you may be wondering. Well, the wonderful quilt shop over the mountain, Village Dry Goods, is offering a series of 3 classes taught by Lynn Hopkins. It is all about 2" finished blocks. 

In the background you can see Lynn giving instructions. In the foreground is one of his custom rulers and patterns

Lynn has custom designed rulers that allow you to make precise 2" finished blocks based on a 3x3 grid--and that is no simple task. At each class he gives us patterns for 4 blocks, and demonstrates what we need to know to experience success. Below are some of the blocks he has made, and some of his quilts.

In the two photos above you see many of his 2" blocks. My hand in the photo on the right gives you a bit of size perspective.

 The blocks shown to the left are all made from silk ties--and they finish at 2" just like the others. If you have ever worked with silk, you know how hard it can be to keep it from slipping and sliding. Then, to make things this tiny and preserve accuracy is insane.  

Below you see a collection of Lynn's little quilts.




To the right is Lynn's Jacob's Ladder mini quilt, made from 2" finished blocks, of course.

And then we have the masterpiece! Look at this incredible quilt--all the little blocks within it finish at--what else? Two inches!!

I was so inspired afterward that I came home and made a few blocks myself. Five of them were from Lynn's patterns and the others were from my own patterns for 2" blocks. Mine are mostly based on a 4x4 grid (much easier to do than the 3x3 grid). I am doing them all scrappy from the fabrics in the basket under my cutting table. Someone's got to use them. :)

Today (November 13, 2021) was World Kindness Day. I hope you were able to find a way to surprise someone with kindness, whether you knew about the designation or not.

Until next time,

Janet O.