Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A hodgepodge of projects and a little seasonal decor.

A few years ago I made dozens of fabric pumpkins. I always thought it would be fun to have Linus in the midst of them. This year I found a ceramic Linus figure at a thrift shop, but he was painted all wrong. Having painted ceramics profusely in a former life, I brought him home to repaint. My hands are not as steady as they used to be and it took me SO MUCH LONGER than I planned!
And when it finally came down to putting the stripes on his shirt, I used a Micron Pigma pen. The hair gave me enough grief with the tiny paintbrush. I wasn't going to attempt the stripes that way, too. But I am pleased to finally have Linus in the pumpkin patch, awaiting the Great Pumpkin! : )

"Floating Foxes" is under the needle. I am making it up as I go along. I have some of my quilt design reference books handy and when I get stumped, I flip through and find something I think might work. Then I try it on a practice sandwich before actually putting it on the quilt.

After basting this quilt, as I stood in the loft to take the photo, I thought it looked like the foxes were at a New Year's celebration at midnight, with confetti fluttering through the air. If you are not familiar with the pin covers I am using here, and you pin baste your quilts for FMQ, you may want to check them out.

I use the pin covers for a few reasons.
First, with the pin covers on, and using the Kwik Klip tool, I do not experience the hand fatigue I used to get when pin basting a quilt.
Second, while free motion quilting, I am always able to spot my pins and have never run into a pin (which can hurt your machine) while using them.
Third, while quilting, it is easier to grasp and remove the pins as I quilt, when they have these covers on them.
Fourth, you can leave the pins open when not in use. With the covers on, they do not get all tangled up, so it saves even more hand stress, and saves time. I do not have to open each pin as I baste, and I do not have to close them to put them away.

My first Country Roads from Lori's SAL is quilted and waiting for binding. I was going to use red, because I feel like I overuse black. But my personal research indicates that I didn't like the red as well, so it will be black--again!

The grid lines through the green chains seem to dominate the quilting. From the front you can't even tell that I have quilted around the black rectangles.

I had some tension issues that I didn't see until I was finished. I once told myself that I could no longer quilt black-on-black at night. Well, apparently I should be barred from any thread that perfectly matches the fabric. My top thread lays a little flat in many areas, but at the moment I am not inclined to unpick--too busy chasing foxes around my quilting table!

Caught up with the Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM.  My sunflower is not as disciplined as Miss Stacy's. It is a bit tipsy--by design (or maybe it isn't just water in that jar).

October's block should post this week. I seem to recall that at the start of this Stacy had said there would be 11 blocks. I am really curious as to how we will be setting 11 blocks.
Here are my 9 blocks so far.

Block #9 for the Attic Heirlooms Ornament of the Month is completed now. Number 10 has posted, but I don't know that I will go any farther.

Obviously, I have not been making mine into ornaments. I have cut my blocks at 4 1/2", so they will finish at 4".

The fabric I have appliqued onto is from a thrift store shirt, so it made sense to me to finish the top with repurposed fabrics from shirts. Just played with it a little bit last night, and this is what I am thinking of doing. May add another red plaid as an outer border, if I can find one that doesn't overpower the whole thing. It will only be about 15" square without the added border.
I think I am happy with it as is, and would like to have it finished before the holidays get underway, rather than be waiting for another block to post so I can get it made.

Well, the foxes are waiting for me. I'd better get back to them.
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Janet, I just really enjoy your posts!! Our quilting group made a bunch of pumpkins one year...wonder where they all went? The sunglasses on the middle fox....are downright foxy!! LOL!! Great quilting on your quilt from Lori's quilt along. You just have to show all your fun autumn quilts now!!

  2. The bespectacled fox is just too much! A great array of projects as always, but the pumpkin patch has to be my favorite. Love that header photo as well. We have milkweed out in our field but we haven't seen any pods yet.

  3. What a fun post - just made me grin as I read. Linus looks right at home in his pumpkin patch and I'm sure you'll have those fox rounded up in no time - you are too clever to be out foxed. :)

  4. Oh, the pumpkins and LInus are adorable!! And I love the quilting you did on Lori's sew a long. Want to quilt another one?? You're so good at it!! ;-)

  5. Oh my! Such a lot of blocks finished! I enjoyed the view.

  6. Linus looks just right in that plethora of pumpkins!!! Country Roads turned out just right!!! Nothing wrong with black!! Your wool applique blocks are cute, cute, cute!! Love that redbird!!!

    Have fun with those wily foxes!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Wow.....look at all your ButterMilk Basin blocks! CUTE!! Interesting to read about your pins, before I got my long arm machine, the finger nail on the finger I used for closing the pins was growing a weird shape, from all the years of closing pins! Happy quilting.............oh I nearly forgot to say I love your fabric making pies or soup from that lot though! :-)

  8. Your pumpkins are lovely and I know that Halloween is a very important celebration in the US !!
    I love the way you quilted your mini QAL !! May be you can find in your stash a black/red fabric ?
    Have a nice day Janet !

  9. love your foxes quilt....see mod quilting CAN be fun....but your little SAL is beautiful and i agree, i think it is wanting the black. beautiful woolies too!

  10. Clever use of the OOM! And your Buttermilk Basin blocks look wonderful all together...makes me wish I had followed along.

  11. You always post such wonderful projects. Your foxes do look like they have confetti flying around them. You put your pins in so neatly. Love how your quilted Country Roads. I'm just about to that point. You've done a great job with your BOM blocks. I've gotten a bit behind with BBasin. They're looking fantastic together. Also I love your header with the milkweed pods. A definite sign of fall. Cant wait to see what you get done between now and your next post.

  12. Good Morning, Ms Janet, Again you have outdone yourself with your Buttermilk Basin Blocks, one is cuter than the other. I don't blame you for using the BOM blocks in a quilt (or wall hanging). This way they can all be seen at one time. They are certainly lovely. Also, I really like the Attic Heirloom BOM, I like the red bird and the Angel. Charlie Brown is so sweet, he looks at home in his pumpkins. Have a great week and best wishes to you and your famil.

  13. I so curious about how the 11 blocks will work out too! Love that your lid is resting next to the jar--just dawned on me that the sunflower shouldn't be able to be in the jar--haha!

  14. Those pin covers are such a great idea!
    Love the BOMs you are working on!
    And your Country Roads is awesome... love the quilting!

  15. Linus in his pumpkin patch is just adorable!!!
    I used to use the pin covers (we called them trucks!) and they were definitely easier than no trucks. I spray baste now but still use the trucks to mark a problem area while quilting or stitching - the plastic makes it easier to find.

  16. Linus looks perfect in your pumpkin patch! What a great find. I need to find pin covers because I have a horrible mess of pins that are all tangled together.

    Lovely stitching and quilting!

  17. Awe - I love Linus in the pumpkin patch. Wowser that is a lot of pumpkins - i LOVE THEM!! I forgot to get mine out until just now - I'll have to find them today.
    Love your floating foxes - especially the one with the glasses :)
    I use a lot of black for binding too - and I love it.
    great wool pieces it's been fun to watch them develop through the year.
    the Christmas quilt is charming
    wow! what a fun filled post

  18. have a lot going on. Love the pumpkin patch with Linus watching. He is too cute.
    Those foxes are great....and lots of room to quilt.
    Love the small ornament quilt....beautiful blocks. How about a narrow strip of red and then the gray/green plaid for the finish?

  19. My you have been busy! I especially love the wool applique. So sweet!

  20. Linus is such a perfect addition! I meant to mention him on Sunday and didn't...
    So excited to see how you quilt Abby's quilt. It really looks amazing so far!

  21. Boy, you sure don't hold still. I know what you mean about sewing on black. If it looks so good then why does it have to be so hard. Your little Christmas quilt is so sweet!

  22. Wow Janet - Where to begin? The color of wool you used for that vintage canning jar is the perfect aqua to match the real thing - lovely! I'm so impressed by how much you've gotten done while I was galavanting across a couple states to the wedding - LOL! The quilting on your Country Roads is great - I'm guessing you marked the alternate blocks with an erasable marker? PLEASE don't tell me you did that freehand! I'm SO impressed with the setting on the fox quilt - it's just wonderful!

  23. The Pumpkin Patch with Linus is most amusing; good work finding and rescuing him! Thanks for all the tips on the pin covers, they really make sense. The floating Foxes are so amazingly creative, I can't wait to see your quilting on it.

  24. Linus is adorable in your pumpkin patch. So cute! I use the Klip Tool too, when I pin. Love your quilting. The fox quilt is really coming along nicely!!

  25. You just have the cutest things Janet!! Your pumpkin display with Linus needs to be here at my house!!
    I LOVE your floating Foxes quilt too!! I also wish I had participated in Lori's little project so I could have something as great as yours. I know you use a lot of black for binding, but I agree you need the black for this one as well.
    As usual, you are a busy bee. Thanks for the tips on the basting pin covers. I should get some!

  26. I'll have to look into the pin covers--I keep my basting pins open in their tin, but they do tangle madly. The foxes are so great--looking forward to your finish. Linus was a happy addition to your decor. Fall is my favorite season to decorate for, so many rich colors. I don't disagree with using black for a frame. I don't seem to find black prints that I like around here! Your stitching looks terrific on the appliqué. One busy lady, you are!

  27. You just always continue to amaze me!! Your Linus is adorable as are the foxes!! Love the one with glasses!! And that is a much larger quilt than you usually do!! Fabulous!!

  28. All those fabric pumpkins and the Linus character are just charming!! How fun! And you Buttermilk Basis BOMs all look darling . . . I imagine you've already picked up this month's and begun work! :)

  29. I love the pumpkin patch! And the fox quilt has a very unique setting! Everything is perfect.

  30. My memory prevents me from remembering what was in the beginning of your post by the time I get to the end! Well, I went back and peeked, and I must say that darling Linus is perfect in your pumpkin patch! Your Country Roads turned out darling, and I love the quilting too. Always fun to visit your blog!

  31. Linus in the pumpkin patch is perfect! I love your floating foxes too. I have seen many of these foxes, but yours is my favourite setting.

  32. I like the shadows you have around the Foxes. Great Quilting on the Country Roads. "Gidget" is doing a good job for you. I notice your basting pins align in rows going the same direction too. I put mine in so random, no wonder I don't like using pins to baste my small quilts. It was helpful to see the feather out from the full feathered wreath. Thanks for sharing your process on that.


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