Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fussy Cutting Finished--Skinny Strings Anyone?

Finally I got all of the fussy cut plaid sashing cut for my son's monstrous t-shirt quilt. It is all stuck on the design wall. Now I need to finish bordering the one piece blocks and then start sewing this thing together.
In the process of fussy cutting I created a pile of checkered strings. My question is this, does anyone have a use for these skinny strings? I've made string blocks, but haven't worked with pieces this narrow.
They are only 7/8ths of an inch wide. Every now and then I sliced into one, but most of them are solid.

 They vary in length from over 50" to over 70" long and they are lengthwise grain, so they aren't stretchy. The fabric is from South Sea Imports, and it has all been prewashed. I'm really okay tossing these if no one wants them, but there are so many string quilters out  there that I thought I would offer them. Maybe it would help if I show you how many I have. There are 6 of the longer length and 12 of the shorter. Any takers? Just let me know and I will send them off to you.  
Here they are folded and lined up. If you look closely here and in the photos above you can see that it is  a scribbled checker pattern. 
'Til next time, from the little mountain valley where the sagebrush grows,
Janet O.


  1. That's a lot of strings! I think the very skinny strings add to the interest of a string quilt, but I'm not sure I want so many of one fabric. I'll take a couple if you are willing to do that. I understand if you'd rather send them all to one person. BTW, the quilt looks fabulous! The check is perfect for the sashing.
    Congratulations to your graduate!

  2. I fear I may have committed a blogging faux pas. If anyone can use all the strings, please speak up!

  3. Your t-shirt quilt is terrific. Nice job. I have not made one yet.

    I would be interested in some of the strings also. Like Maureen, I don't know if I would really want all of them. Maybe you could split them?

  4. What a lovely gesture! Girls be sure and show what you make with them. That is a very small strip. LOL!

    Janet, my daughter live with her family in Salt Lake City. I was there in Feb. to visit my brand new granddaughter! Small world.

  5. I love the t-shirt quilt layout. The graduate will love it, too. Those strings would look great as the very center of each block in a quilt or if they were situated in the same place in each block to create a secondary design. I have 3 big bags of strings and have been wondering what to do with mine, too.

  6. Do you know
    Victoria can use all scrap she has. I also try use it and I like it very much. So make you own fabric and play and have good time!


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