Saturday, February 23, 2019


Mary (quiltin' grandma's blog) and I had talked about swapping small quilts back in 2017, but mutually agreed that "next year" would be better for us. When 2018 rolled around we scheduled our swap for September. As the deadline drew closer--again, by mutual agreement--we scooted it into January of 2019. But as my January progressed, I knew it wasn't going to happen. We pushed it into February, and I'll admit that at one point I wasn't sure if I was even going to make that--but I did. This is what I "finally" sent to Mary. She has received it now, so I can share it with you. Her quilt is due to arrive here in a few days, so I will share it in my next post.
Our swap was not real specific, other than the fact that we would use fabric from thrifted shirts to make a small quilt. I tried to choose colors I know Mary likes, and other than that I was flying by the seat of my pants. I made the HSTs with a specific design in mind, but as I laid them out, it didn't work for me in these fabrics. I must have changed the layout about 5 times before settling on these sampler star blocks. I think this finished at 14 1/2" square.

Most of the quilting was SITD. I often do that on minis, and throw in something else in the border.
I always enjoy playing in the plaid fabrics from shirts. This was a fun challenge, Mary. Thanks for joining me! :)
This is also my February mini-of-the-month for the challenge with Wendy (the constant quilter blog). How unusual for me to be posting it before the very last few minutes of the last day of the month!

This is another 2 year old "finally." When my Dad passed away the end of 2016 I took his plaid shirts to make a throw quilt for Mom. In 2017 I made the top, but the shoulder issues I was having made pushing it around under the needle of my HQ Sweet 16 out of the question. I thought about "quilting by check," but I wanted to do this one myself. After the shoulder surgery last year I thought I would be back at it before the year was out, but I had setbacks in healing on multiple occasions and I have just recently felt like I could make an attempt at quilting anything larger than a mini. So Friday I did this...

...and then this...

...and most of this.

Today (Saturday) I finished the quilting...

...and now I have the binding cut, sewn together and pressed in half. It has been so long since I have bound anything but a mini quilt that I almost forgot to cut it wide enough for double fold binding. Whew! That was close!

Monday I will attach the binding and I will work on hand stitching the other side in the evenings next week. It will get a label and a good wash to remove all of the markings. I am anxious to get this finished and delivered to Mom--hopefully before the week is over.

My last little progress report is not a "finally." I just started it last month. It is the first of the six little quilts that are part of the Circa 1880 Club. These little quilts all use some of the same uneven 9-patch blocks that are in the featured club quilt. You can click these photos to get a better look.
I switched to a different border print than I had been auditioning in my last post. This one is a Pam Buda fabric called Ditsy Trio. I think it worked beautifully. I plan to feather in the border and possible bind with purple, pink or red, for something a little bit flashy. :)
The second photo shows the quilting and the backing fabric, which I LOVE!

I drew a name from the 25 interested in the Kim Diehl project--well, actually I drew 3 names. The first two were "no-reply" comments, so I can't make contact. I appreciate it if you include your email address if you aren't sure whether or not you are "no-reply". Marj (eclectic quilter blog) was the winner of the drawing and I will get the kit on the way to her as soon as I confirm her address.

That about wraps it up. Thank you all for your kind comments and faithful reading. I really appreciate the friendships I have made here. It is always a bright spot to check in with your blog, or hear from you via comments or email--or even texts.
Until next time, 
Janet O.


  1. How wonderful your quilting looks on your off-set barn raising. What a great setting and it will be such a comfort to snuggle under it for your Mom. Your quilting motifs are just perfect.
    Lovely little swap quilt and sweet photo with the nesting dolls :) The variety of the centers really made me smile.
    You've been busy even getting an 1880 done.

  2. So love the purple swap mini you sent off. Can't imagine what layout did not work first, but this worked well and looks great. She will love it I am sure.
    Wow, fabulous finishing on the plaid throw from your Dad's shirts. I really like the layout, and it is quite special I think. I am sure your Mom will appreciate and enjoy it too.

  3. the thanks is all to you janet for the wonderful inspiration and eye candy you post for us all to drool over...a beautiful remembrance quilt for your mom...

  4. Lovely eye candy this morning!!! I love the heart quilting motif. I need to remember that one.

  5. All that beautiful plaid sure makes my heart sing :-) Lovely in the mini and so heartwarming in the quilt for your mom. What a sweet way to cherish those fabrics from your dad's shirts.
    It is great that your shoulder has recovered enough to get back to quilting. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  6. Sweet little mini, it was worth waiting for. I like the plaid you used for the backing too. It really ties everything together. The quilting on your mother's quilt is amazing. I'm so glad your shoulder is letting you do the things you love. Good luck with the binding. I don't know why it always takes longer than I think it will. . .

  7. What a fun little quilt swap--I'm looking forward to seeing what you get in return. Your mom's quilt is wonderful--the quilting is perfect for the pattern. I know she will enjoy such a touching gift and I hope your shoulder stays strong!

  8. Your little mini-swap quilt is so serene and beautiful (love those Matryoshka dolls too!). Your mom's plaid barn-raising quilt is simply fabulous! I recall when you first posted about the top, it was inspiration to try one in that layout for the ministry. You've been very busy behind the scenes and your finishes are top-notch, as always! I hope your shoulder continues to heal so you can enjoy more quilting time.

  9. What a beautiful quilt to remember your father by and so nicely quilted - it was worth the wait.

  10. What a sweet doll quilt....well worth the wait! 😊 The quilt for your mom is gorgeous. Your quilting is beautiful. Is that free motion quilting or does your machine somehow computerize for you? You can tell I don't know much about quilting machines. Either way, the quilting looks fabulous!!

  11. Each one of your quilts shown is beautiful, and your quilting is outstanding! I want to know what kind of batting you use. ---"Love"

  12. I LoVe your quilts & your quilting Janet .... you do such beautiful work. I am sure your Mum will be so delighted with the quilt made from your dear Dads plaid shirts. When my Dad passed away (18 years ago now) I made a large size mohair bear for Mum & we pinned all Dad's war medals onto the Bear. Happy creative week to you Janet Xx

  13. Mary is a lucky recipient of that sweet mini! Love your Dad's shirts quilt and glad you have been "finally" able to go larger with your shoulder. Your minis always turn out beautifully!

  14. Your min is fabulous! Well worth the wait for your friend I am sure! I will link it up on Wednesday. So happy to hear your shoulder is well enough to quilt that wonderful quilt for your mother. She will be thrilled! I haven't done any of the "extra" patterned quilts from Pam, but yours has inspired me. I love it!!!

  15. Your swap mini is gorgeous Janet, and I like the setting you (finally) came up with. And your Dad's quilt is a beautiful finish - it was worth the wait to get it done - so pleased to hear you are finally able to tackle some of the bigger jobs with your shoulder.

  16. Love your thrift store plaid mini for Mary. Your story just made me smile. Some quilts just take their own sweet time. The combination of your dad's shirts and your beautiful quilting will be a loved gift to your mom. Glad your shoulder is cooperating, but take it easy. 😊

  17. your exchange quilt sure turned out pretty. Love those quilted hearts in your Dad's quilt.

  18. The swap you made for Mary is awesome. I love how it turned out. And I love that you weren't tied to a deadline!
    The quilting you did on your dad's shirt quilt is fabulous! I'm sure your mom will just LOVE it.
    The Pam Buda quilt is also great. You have been a busy girl!

  19. Oohh the quilt with your Dad shirts is sooo beautiful ! No doubt your Mama will appreciate it ! Your mini of the month is beautiful too !
    Be careful with your shoulder...
    I wish you a wonderful week !

  20. Wow! Love that quilt you made with your Dad's did the "just right" amount of quilting to it too!

  21. You have had such busy times the past year. I can understand why you found it hard to come up with time for a swap. I do like that plaid that has the pink in it.
    You are quite good at the machine quilting. Your practice over time has seen to that. I never take the time to accomplish much progress on that front.

  22. I love the look of your February mini and those shirting plaids! Beautiful quilting on the lovely quilt for your mom :) Another mini in the works? You've been busy!

  23. What a sweet little quilt for Mary. I love how you used the shirts and how the center of each star is different. Your large plaid quilt from your father's shirts is beautiful. I'm sure your mom will find great joy in using it.

  24. Well, I am late to the party this week but your quilt for Mary is great!! And the quilt for your Mom is beyond fabulous!! I would love to see her face when you give (gave) it to her!! And finally, your Circa 1880 Club quilt is wonderful!! You never cease to amaze me, dear friend!!


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