Friday, August 2, 2013

Squeaking under the wire--and some quality family time!

 As is my normal MO, I got my last 4 AAQI quilts registered by the skin of my teeth. Within 48 hours of the deadline, these 4 little quilts got registered and are now awaiting their number assignment so that I can send them in. When that time comes I will post about the meaning behind each quilt.
 If you think you have seen the red one before you are half right. This is a remake of the little quilt in my last post.
You may remember my frustration with the batting poking out the back on my first attempt at this design. I received many good suggestions from readers, for which I am very grateful. It helped me realize that I am still quite a novice at this machine quilting stuff and I have a lot left to learn. I spent time searching online for insight into the possible problems mentioned, and learned that many battings have a top and bottom side--and mine was probably upside down, my needles were too big for the thread I was using, and I needed to tweak my tension adjustment on my bobbin. This second attempt wasn't perfect on the back, but the problems were greatly reduced, and I felt better about sending it off.

Aside from these little pieces, there hasn't been much quilting action at my house lately. There have been some major milestones to celebrate. My father turned 90 last week. He is still active and alert and amazing, helping his neighbors and family members in any way he can.
Four days later my MIL turned 85. Here she is pictured with my 4 children. She is still an independent woman, busy serving others in our church and community. I am surrounded by good examples!
 In between those two events we had a family reunion camp out to attend, where 49 of a potential 60 family members (my parents and their posterity) were in attendance.
DD#1 has been here from NH for the festivities and is staying for a couple of weeks. She was intrigued by the little EPP hexie flowers in the AAQI quilt and is well on her way to making such a quilt herself. I think she enjoys this process much more than I do. : )
This is more non-quilty content than I usually share, but that is what has been happening in my life lately, along with concern for the kind of month my youngest grandson had in July.
He loved sitting on his great-uncle's Harley at camp.
Enlarge the photo to get the full effect of his gaze.
You can read about his record month of tonic/clonic (aka grand mal) seizures on DD#2's blog here. He is such a sweetheart! Hopefully someday there will be help for all those who suffer from this devastating form of epilepsy.

Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Janet, where to start? Your quilts are beautiful! Your family is beautiful too. Your dad us such a handsome young man and looks like he would be full of energy. Love the photo of you MIL with all of your children. Glad you had some wonderful family time.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  2. Absolutely lovely finishes on the little quilts!! Love the feather quilting - you've become quite the pro!! Looking forward to the story behind each!

    I always so enjoy when you post about your family!!! So wonderful!! I'm glad that all the children could be around for the festivities!! Happy, happy birthday to your dad!! I'm so thankful he is doing so well!!

    I pray for out little Ben every day! I know God has a special plan for this little boy - he is such a sweetie!

    Love to you and all your family!!


  3. what fun family photos - what a beautiful family.
    Your little quilts are adorable!
    Love your red feather especially.
    Your hexies are so cute. I just found mine the other day...miracle.

  4. Love those little quilts!

    What a sweet boy Ben is ... it's hard to believe that there still isn't help for those who suffer from epilepsy.

    My dad turned 90 in March, and while he's still sharp as a tack, physically he's really going downhill in a huge hurry. :-(

  5. Love the pictures! How lucky you are to have your father. You come from great genetics.

    Of course you already know those quilts are right up my alley.

  6. I hope August is a better month for your Grandson. You wouldn't know he is so sick by seeing him on the bike- what a jewel!!
    Nice work on the AAQI quilts!!!

  7. janet, your little grandson is adorable...teaches us that surface impressions are not always right as he looks the picture of health....a good lesson in why not to judge...and love your little quilts!

  8. Wow Janet - you've had a busy time lately! Your quilts all turned out so nicely - I'm excited that your daughter is getting hooked on EPP - maybe she'll make YOU a quilt someday! LOL Nice family gatherings are always welcome, huh? That Ben is such a cutie....

  9. Beautiful quilts Mom!
    Thanks for mentioning Ben :)

  10. If it wasn't for the "Last Minute" nothing would get done..., my mother used to say. I am great at procrastination. Whew, I can even spell it. Great Family Times! Happy Birthday and Happy Reunion time with your 4 children. Prayers for Ben. Thanks for sharing your family once in awhile.

  11. I don't remember how we got information before the Internet! Glad you were able to mostly fix your problems. I'll have to go back and look at those comments. All your AAQI quilts are fabulous! No way to choose a favorite. Fun to see pics of the family. Hoping things get better for Ben. He sure does have quite a gaze.

  12. I love your mini quilts, so nice and well made. So happy that you had a chance to be with your family, it is so important. As we all get older, it seems like everyone is so busy. Ben is a doll, I will keep him in my prayers, he is young and one never knows if some kind of medical help will solve his problems. Enjoy each day.

  13. Uh oh..I said I was done, finished buying AAQI quilts but LOVE the red, white and blue. Maybe I wasn't totally finished. HA And I never knew batting had a top & bottom! Huh...

  14. Love the little quilts Janet...I've said it before, but in my eyes, you really haved mastered the FM feathers. Sigh, I would be so happy if mine looked that lovely!
    What a sweet adorable little boy Ben is...I hope they find some medical help for him..It's sad to see little ones suffer.
    Happy Birthday to your dad...and what a beautiful family.

  15. Janet, I so miss seeing you and having our quilting chats...the minis look fabulous and your quilting is looking quite stunning...Hope your little grandson has a better month in August...the things we get to experience in this life...

  16. Those little quilts are adorable! great you had some nice family time. I didn't know you didn't like making hexagons.I have just finished quilting a lovely hexagon quilt for one of my customers, it has such a unique border.

  17. What a lovely family you have, Janet! Happy birthday to both your dad and your mother-in-law! Terrific milestones, both! And congrats on an under-the-wire finish, too!! :)

  18. Janet, I'm so sorry to hear that Ben has had a bad time lately! Such a sweet little boy - it hurts so much to see them suffer! I know that your big heart must break sometimes. On the other hand, you have such wonderful people in your life to enjoy! Congrats to the birthday boy and girl - that's an amazing milestone for them both!

    Your quilts turned out just lovely! My favorite is the red one with that gorgeous, GORGEOUS, feathering - WOW!!!

  19. LOVE those mini quilts and the wonderful quilting! Your daughter's hexies are awesome... love the fabrics! You've taught her well! I enjoyed the pictures of your family... Kodak moments indeed! Ben is a little cutie... so handsome!
    And those eyes!!!

  20. I love the mini quilts. I wish I would have sent some in, but just didn't get to it. Family is such a blessing and it's wonderful that your Dad & MIL have reached those milestones in good health. So sorry about your little grandson. He looks so sweet sitting on the motorcycle - what boy wouldn't love to do that?

  21. Good job on getting those mini quilts done - I want the patriotic one! If you know when they are going up for sale, let us know. Love all of your family pictures, your dad and MIL both look wonderful and you produced a good looking bunch of kids! Going to read more about your grandson now. He sure is a cutie!

  22. DO you know when these will be up for sale? Really love the hexagon flowers!!

    Your dad looks great!! And it's so wonderful that he is still active. My dad just recently passed, but he lived a long life of 90 years....although I miss him already (passed away June 17th), I know he live a long and well-loved life!!

  23. Life has been busy for you lately! That's a great photo of you and your Dad. Good to hear that he and your MIL are both well. Staying active makes a big difference. Glad you made your deadline on your quilting projects. You do lovely work Janet. My best to your grandson. Sandi

  24. You have a beautiful,family. What a wonderful month of togetherness.
    Great little AAQI quilts. So fun your daughter may have caught Hexie Fever?

  25. It's nice to meet your family. Those hours spent with them are precious! I'm so happy that your Dad is still active and able to visit. God Bless your little Grandson. I love your little quilts especially your hexagons. Enjoy your time with your family.

  26. Thank you for all of this sharing, Janet. I was happy to meet your family!


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