Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plodding Along, and Purging A Lot

Nothing new to share--just slow progress on some WIPs. I finally got this runner quilted and bound. It isn't perfect, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Come and get it, Chris! Really, I'll bring it to you, but  I don't have your new address, so please email it to me. : )
Next I quilted this.

I started the quilting on both of these table runners on my DSM to do some stitch-in-the-ditch quilting first. Then I switched over to my Sweet 16 (still nameless) to do the FMQ. I admit--I am a perfectionist and I want my quilting to be flawless, which it isn't. So I am always a little disappointed in my work, but when I look at what I could do (or maybe "couldn't do" would be more appropriate) 8 months ago, I am surprised I can do as much as I can now. I never thought I would get the hang of this, but it is coming.
This one had more blue pen markings so I wet it down and now have it pinned to my sewing room floor to hold its shape while it dries. Do you ever do that? I am concerned that I hadn't thought to get all of the chalk pencil markings off first, so I hope they are still easy to remove when it dries

Then I am also plodding along doing some hand quilting to finish this.

I haven't done any hand quilting in about 4 years. I had forgotten how pleasant it can be. But, as with most hand work, I am very slow and even this little thing could take me forever. Then I get impatient and it takes the joy out of it.

On to the purging--I think this was spawned by a hunt for my strings to send to Julie K. As I corralled them into one place I realized how much fabric I had tucked in nooks and crannies that I had completely forgotten. Some of it was cheap (okay for crafts, but not quilts), some of it was ugly, and some of it just isn't my style.
From what I've seen on other blogs, my stash is not large by any means. Well, now it is even less large. : )  I filled an orange box and three grocery bags and later I dropped it all off at a local thrift store.
I did get all of my small cuts of reproduction prints organized by color in this little set of drawers.
All of the repro yardage is in a larger drawer. The shelves hold my generic stash. Wow, those shelves look empty to me now, but I feel really good about the "purge". There is another, narrower shelf unit for my neutrals, and backing pieces. I still have a chest of drawers full of seasonal fabrics, batiks, novelties, and a few "collections". Then there is the cabinet crammed with containers that house WIPs.

I went to three of the shops on a local shop hop this past week. One of them had all of their FQ for $2. This wasn't one of those times when you can get a good deal on FQs, but they just don't happen to have many on their shelves. They were well-stocked, and would even cut one for you if they didn't have a pre-cut. I walked out with 20 of them. It was a good thing that I wasn't going to any more shops!

Well, that should do it--nothing more to share, except maybe this photo I took from my kitchen window this evening. Our valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides, but to the north the mountains fade into the landscape. This is taken looking almost due north.
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Your quilts are pieces of art. Beautiful.

    Remember quilting is a journey....learning, growing, progressing. Don't be so hard on yourself. I can say this because I am a bit of a perfectionist too.

  2. Looking sooooo good!!! So nice to finish little projects!! It is a good feeling to get things "cleaned up" a little - helps me to refocus when I do that!!!

    Lovely view! I sure miss the mountains sometimes!


  3. janet, stunning view! and i mean of both...the sunset AND your stash! both in glorious color...that's what i love about fabric, the breathtaking colors

  4. Both those runners are absolutely wonderful!! Your stash looks wonderful.... you know those messy little pieces of fabric and strings absolutely give me joy!!

  5. I love the projects you are working on. The colors are so rich, they are my favorite. Hugs

  6. Love those small quilts... esp the churn dash... excellent! And inspiring!

    Must feel good to purge the "I'm never going to use these fabrics"... and now some lucky person will find a treasure trove at the thrift store!

    I enjoy hand sewing and hope that I get around to it some year. Very relaxing, imho...

    What a beautiful sunset... I could look at that view for hours...

  7. I can't decide which of the runners I like better. Both are good.

    Quilting cotton pieces that come into the thrift shop I go to the most never make it to the sales floor. They have a quilter that comes and picks all that she wants. If there is any left over, then it goes to the floor.....and it is never anything I want. I donate fabric to them every now and then and never saw it in the store so I asked why. I thought maybe they didn't want it. That's when I found out they have a quilter on call for it.

  8. Stunning projects. Your choices of fabric are wonderful. I wish I could spend the day at your house for a few lessons.

  9. Your runners are so sweet! I think I like the second one best, not sure why. Maybe the 4-patch sashing and the triangle borders? I like the colors in it too - I tend to go for lots of color. (I bet you've noticed that haven't you? LOL!)

    You've done a wonderful job on the quilting on both of them!!! Isn't it fun to begin to grow in FMQ skills? I need to practice more often. My little Calendar Quilts are my only FMQ opportunities lately since I've been learning how to do pantos on my friend's longarm.

    I've never pinned one to the floor to block it, but I've seen others do it, especially on show quilts. Doesn't it take ages to dry? Let me know how it works for you :*)

    You purged!!! I am in awe of anyone who can do that! I keep saying I'm going to go through and get rid of things I'm not using, and then I just can't do it. Your drawers and shelves look so neat and organized - way to go!!!

    I could look at your picture forever. You are so lucky to have such a view =^..^=

  10. My MIL loves those Utah MOUNTAINS. She says the word with 2 long syllables. Beautiful! Nice to see your projects nearing completion. You were up 'earlier' than me this week on Saturday night. I haven't named my Mega Quilter either.

  11. Great projects! Doesn't purging feel great...I have two more bags to bring to guild for new quilters! Now I can find the fabrics I want to use in my stash!

  12. What a great feeling you must have with the purging and cleaning. I'm in chaos as I've started stinging. Oh lord. What a beautiful view, nothing better than an kitchen window with a view. And your quilting it great, it will just keep getting better and better

  13. I love your final photo - the colours are gorgeous. I also love your runners - they are beautiful and your quilting looks perfect from here! Good on you for the purge - you will have plenty of room for some impulse buys now.....

  14. WOW!! Your drawers are amazing! I'm impressed! And your hand/machine quilting looks fabulous! You're too hard on yourself! Looks like you're getting LOTS done. Oh, and the view??? OMG. GORGEOUS!!

  15. Lovely post. I love all your runner, the second is my fav. Why are we quilters so darn hard on ourselves?
    It is a nice feeling to have a sort out. Our sky was amazing here this morning, I wished I had taken the camera while I was out walking!

  16. I'm impressed by your purge. You gave away a lot. I could look at the little drawers of reproductions all day. Sometimes it's just satifying to look and to hold the fabric, with no pressure that it needs to be made it into something. . . And you're right about the pleasure it is to do hand quilting. It's my down time. I just get lost with my thoughts, from considering the next change in visiting teaching to planning the next project.

  17. Love all of your projects. I love how relaxing that hand quilting is.

    You have a nice stash! I am so tired of my OLD stash that I had decided to just cut it all up and get rid of it. :)

  18. Wow, Janet, what a sky! Like you could just drink it!!!
    Some sweet finishes there, you are doing great! I love that you do quite a few of these smaller projects and it is so gratifying to see them done. I need to take a page from your book on that and keep reminding myself to just do some smaller quilts myself.
    I think the re-organize/purging must be in the air here too. It seems like it is taking me forever though :p It is exhausting for me!

  19. PS Hey, where are you hiding all your shirt plaids??? lol How do you organize those?

  20. What a view! Both out your window and into your stash. Purging is a good thing and you sent quite a bit off for someone else to use. It's good to get reminders from your friends that quilting is a journey and your practicing is definetly paying off.

  21. Your impatience and perfectionist bent sounds very familiar - I'm that way, too!
    I love the fabrics you used for these little quilts - muted with a few pops of color. I've only blocked a quilt once. It was a small one. I can't imagine doing it with a big quilt.
    I need to do more purging, too!

  22. All beautiful quilts! Congrats on your quilting progress! I find that practice is the only way to improve and you are getting lots of that. I love your hand quilting project!

  23. From what I can tell your machine quilting looks lovely!!
    And keep hand quilting and it will continue to get better. I'm slow, but it is more relaxing as you get better.
    Love your view!!

  24. Your machine quilting looks great - you are your own worst critic. I love your runners - I can send my address! And your hand quilting project is great - you can never go wrong with baskets. I love hand quilting, but don't find the time to do it as much as I would like. Your view is beautiful - thanks for sharing it!

  25. It's amazing how fabric hides in the strangest of places. I came across some just this morning after dropping somemthing.

  26. That sunset shot is absolutely gorgeous in every sense, and your double rainbow cover shot is incredible too! Your quilting looks wonderful, if I wasn't such a perfectionist I'd have a LOT more quilts quilted, I keep practicing and practicing... maybe I should just move off my practice "quilt" and actually quilt something! You've got company in your "wanting to be flawless" club! ;)

  27. Good attitude on the machine quilting Mom. 'Not perfect but better than I could do 8 months ago.'
    Your fabric looks so pretty all organized:)
    Purging always feels good no matter what it is.

  28. Your quilting is just beautiful. Good for you getting rid of some of your stash. I just got into one of those 20 FQs for $30 this week. Your organization looks great!


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