Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little Quilts and Little Kids

I had a family reunion today. We always have an auction to raise money for the family organization fund. Early this week I realized I had nothing to donate to the auction. I decided to do something with a patriotic theme, so I grabbed my R/W/B scrap basket and started playing.  This little quilt above is what came of my play. Everything but the backing and binding came from scraps. It finishes at 14" square.
Oh, I struggled with the quilting. Sat up late unpicking a couple of nights ago. I ended up using a "Terry Twist" stencil in the striped blocks. I purchased it from Sally Terry at the HMQS last month. I did some chained pumpkin seeds and some arcs and loops in the star blocks. I would like it more if the quilting was more precise, but I still like it. 
DD#2 bought it at the auction. Speaking of whom, tonight I finally got the binding on this little runner that is a very late birthday gift for DD#2. This is an adaptation of one of Lori Smith's Fit to Frame patterns that I had made for myself last year. I still haven't quilted mine, but at least now I will know what works when I get to it.

Are you familiar with the quiltsbycheri blog? I haven't made any of Cheri's little monthly QALs (though I think they are so cute), but this week when she mentioned a little mystery quilt that she would be doing and listed what was needed, I realized I already had most of the 4-patch blocks. So I pulled out my repro scrap basket and cut the rest of what was on the list. You may recall that I don't do mysteries, but I've already seen the finish before doing any stitching, so it isn't a mystery, really. Do you like my rationalization? Cheri posted the finish tonight. It is a cute little Puss In The Corner quilt. It will be a fun to stitch up.

I shouldn't have started even this little quilt. I am now almost a full three months behind on my Ramblin' Rose Meets Jamestown BOM, I need to get the 3 latest Barrister's Sow-Along blocks made, and I am running true to form on the SewCalGal FMQ Challenge--I may be the last one to link up this month, too. That doesn't even take into account all of the projects that are at some state of semi-completion, awaiting finishes. What can I say? I am smitten by minis (thanks Kathie and Dawn) and I couldn't resist.

I usually keep my blog content pretty much about quilty stuff, but I want to share something that I witnessed today that I think is so cute. Let me set the scene. This was at the family reunion. Ben, on the left, is my youngest grandchild, who lives with Dravet's Syndrome. This is a seizure disorder that, among other things, has left him with very little verbal language, so he has been learning some signs. Ben just turned three this month. The other little boy is his second cousin, Gideon, who I think is about one. 
Ben was playing in a water toy when he spotted Gideon sitting on the grass just a few feet away. He went over and sat by Gideon, leaning his head on his shoulder (much to Gideon's consternation). 
 Then he sat back and signed "baby"...
  ... and pointed to Gideon.
 That is when Gideon decided he'd had enough, and he was out of there.
This exact scenario played out again just a few minutes later. : )
That's all for now. Until next time,
Janet O.

p.s. A shout-out to my friend, Mary C., for suggesting the name for my HQ Sweet 16 that finally clicked for me. Henceforth she will be known as Gidget. : )


  1. Fun post Mom! I hope you don't mind me getting the quilt at the auction. I love it!
    I'm excited to get my table runner too!!!
    I think all your mini quilts are so fun...I can see why it would be hard not to do them.
    I love the pictures of my Ben :)
    And I think the name for your machine is perfect.

  2. Your patriotic mini quilt is perfect! I love patriotic quilts and have made several (& have an idea for another one). I also love the table runner. Of course sawtooth stars are my favorite, as is scrappy! The pictures of the little cousins are adorable. It's so fun to watch little kids!

  3. Such pretty quilts! And your four-patches look so perfectly made for the puss-in-the-corner. The boys are both beautiful!

  4. Great finishes. I love the table runner. The boys heart warming.

  5. Fun post! Love your patriotic small quilt also your table runner...delightful color and print combinations!

    Darling story about the boyes.

    :) Carolyn

  6. So glad you shared Ben and Gideon with us - how sweet! I love your little patriotic quilt - I keep thinking that I want to make something in red, white and blue. Also, I'm glad that I'm not the only one unable to keep up with all of these quilts - chuckling that you are starting the mystery quilt!

  7. There is a white elephant sort of auction held at my husband's family reunion each year. I donated a quilt one year that raised a whole bunch of money. More money than they knew what to do with. There is a little story that goes with that. Last year I donated a small embroidery in a frame that was popular.

  8. The quilting on your patriotic quilt shows pretty clearly in the photo and I can't find anything wrong with it. Great job! Love the design, too.
    Such sweet little ones! I like when bloggers give little snippets of their non-quilting life.

  9. Love the story, love the quilts! Those were some TINY pieces of fabric to make that mini-quilt a finished 14" square. It is beautiful!

  10. Love your patriotic mini!! You are definitely staying busy. I just saw Cheri's quilt this morning- too cute!!
    Ah, Ben and Gideon....

  11. You're so WELCOME for the name, It just hit me with the SWEET 16 Model. I need to try more things with my "Helga" and finish something this week. I haven't done the mini of Cheri's but I usually write down the steps. I get tempted to do the MINI's from my CW fabrics. Looks like your GS is learning well. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Janet - Wow - you whipped up that little RWB quilt FAST! Glad it went to a good home - sounds like your daughter really enjoys what you make! I've got Cheri's first 4 alphabet blocks made - gonna do mine scrappy with logs of colors instead of using her colorway. Hope it works! My in-laws always said "Who needs entertainment when there are little kids around?" LOL So true!

  13. The smile on Ben's face says it all!
    Very heartwarming...
    COngratualtions on all of your quilting progress - all wonderful projects.

  14. Hey, we all LOVE kids stories and photos - they are all our treasures as well!

    That's a dear story - 8-))

    Your banner is STUNNING!

  15. Love the kiddo sweet! Wonderful quilts!

  16. Janet,
    I love the pictures of Ben and Gideon. Sounds like Ben is doing well. Aimee must be happy! And, of course, your auction item is fabulous!! So glad you are keeping busy! But time to get to work on the sow-a-long blocks!!!

  17. Ohhhh, sweet Gideon!!

    Oh yes, stars all around!! Love them all, especially the R/W/B! I'm glad your daughter got it!!

    I have some stars on my board I've been playing around with this week too!! They are fun!

  18. Cute little quilt and table runner! It made me smile to read about Ben and Gideon. Love his smile.

  19. Lovely, lovely RW&B quilt! I'm pinning it, I'm so taken with it! Sweet little scenario between cousins there ... Ben is quite the little darling! I like the name Gidget! Perfect fit! :)

  20. oh how cute, thats wonderful that he is learning sign language. I love your patriotic mini, wonderful.
    thanks for sharing your quilts...your DD will love her table runner I am sure
    gidget, perfect name!

  21. Of course you knew I would love the stars!! Stars, stars, stars!! and I think Ben is a darling little star too!!

    Blessings sweet friend!

  22. Go Janet - whipping that RWB quilt together so quick. Clever design!

    I really do need to make more doll quilts - I hijacked mom's doll bed this weekend (with permission). I saw online where someone stored pillows at the foot of the bed in a doll bed but it needs doll quilts too!!!

  23. The story about your grandsons is so sweet. AND, what a bonus to get it all in pictures. I love your patriotic mini. Sorry to hear that you are playing "catch-up" with a few of your projects but it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

  24. Those little boys are just adorable Janet!!! Ben decided he wanted to be friends with Gideon :*) What a sweet face!

    I love your patriotic quilt from scraps! It's a simple design but the colors really make it sparkle! My favorite part of the quilt is the happy little pinwheel in the center :*) And what better than using up scraps to make something so cute - great job!!!

  25. I just love your patriotic little quilt! Your DD was lucky to win it at the family auction. We are having a patriotic theme at our county fair this year and are having a table topper/runner contest in the quilt barn. Your little quilt is giving me ideas...I really love the birthday runner for your DD. The colors are gorgeous! The picture story of sweet Ben and Gideon was fun!

  26. Your mini patriotic quilt and the late BD present are both wonderful. YOu sure have an eye for this kind of work!

    Your grandson and his cousin are too adorable. My youngest niece has Down syndrome and they thought she might be profoundly deaf so began teaching her signs very young too.


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