Monday, January 23, 2012

This and That

I looked at the date of my last entry and realized it has been over a week since that post. I guess I have been busy, but I can't really say with what. On the quilting front, I finally got the corners of Pink Lemonade made on Saturday night. Up to this point I had been really careful with the directional prints. That all went out the window with these little guys!
Hopefully tonight I can get the rows all sewn together and get this to a flimsy. I'm really glad I joined in on this little QAL. Thanks for doing this, Lori! I made some extra of the red shoofly blocks and am hoping to work them into a Valentine's table runner.
Have you seen the haul Bonnie received for her 50th birthday? I have to share a little coincidence about the block I sent her. Remember the Storytime Stars quilt she made for the baby her brother and his wife are expecting any day? Though I usually only quilt with bright fabrics for my grandchildren, I was very taken by this quilt. The bold graphics and primary colors just grabbed me. I was so happy when she posted the pattern and I printed it off immediately. So when I got word through my blogging friend, Mary C., about sending Bonnie birthday blocks, I knew immediately I was going to adapt Storytime Stars somehow. I made the blocks smaller and instead of piecing a tiny checkered border, I used a checked print. EVERY single bit of fabric in this block came from the scrap basket I used to raid with great regularity at a now closed LQS. I knew all of those bright pieces and those b'day prints would come in handy someday, even if they were out of my normal color-comfort zone.

Some have wanted to know the size of this block. It is a 12" finished.
Each star is four inches from point to point.
So I sent this block off last week to wing its way to Bonnie in North Carolina. Upon opening it she sent me an email saying that she just sent the Storytime Stars quilt off to her brother and SIL, who happen to live where I do--not just the same state, but the same valley! Who knew? I told her to warn her brother that if I ever see a couple with a baby wrapped in that quilt I will be wanting a closer look--at the quilt and the baby!
If you follow Marj over at Eclectic Quilter blog, you may recall that she had a giveaway a few months ago when she was cleaning some things out. I spoke up for the Ramblin' Rose Meets Jamestown pattern, and was lucky enough to receive it. I'm not usually a flowery fabric person (but I do love Floribunda), but over the past two or three years I have been drawn to some rose prints in tan, green and red shades. I have picked them up in scrap baskets, remnants and yardage. That large piece on the right was four yards of a Moda fabric at a thrift store for $4. I have one small table topper I have made from them and figured it was time to do something more. I thought this pattern might be the thing. If I work on one of these blocks each month, hopefully this quilt can grow while staying in the background. I think I might use some other block besides log cabin as the setting squares. I love log cabin blocks, just not sure I want them in these fabrics.

And finally, SOTMD (aka Orca Bay) is progressing slowly. I still love it, though I'm still not sure why. So not my usual style. My mother saw it on my design wall last night and said she wouldn't be able to sleep under such a quilt. I know she said it with love. : )
If I can get more of the cream and white triangles cut (everything else is cut) I will hopefully have more to show when Bonnie does her final Orca Bay Linkup in February.
That does it for now. Until next time, keep stitchin'!
Janet O.


  1. Your Pink Lemonade is looking good...I am working on my side triangles, and hope to get the corners made today so that I can sew the rows together. I love Lori's to watch the little quilts that everyone is working on.

  2. I thought your idea to use striped fabric for the SOTMD was genius. I like the quilt and I'll sleep under it if your family won't ;)

  3. You are ahead of me on your Pink Lemonade. Congrats on your winning of the Pretty Floribunda fabrics. When I read Bonnie post and she said she got some SOAP, I thought, I know where that came from...How big was your "Block"? I'm so glad you got in on the FUN!

  4. I like the way your Pink Lemonade is turning out. I am trying to decide whether to keep going with mine to add the partial blocks or leave it smaller with only the whole blocks. It's a fun project.

  5. You sure are one busy lady... love the Pink Lemonade, and BH's birthday quilt too! What a happy coincidence about those two passing in the mail! Your Orca Bay is just stunning, Janet; love your color choices!

  6. What a great Pink Lemonade! I just love seeing all of the fabrics people have selected. I wonder how many hundreds of them have been made?
    Congrats on your win.
    All of your projects are looking good ;-)
    It is a small world, indeed.

  7. Love posts that show lots of projects! That was nice of you to send Bonnie birthday blocks. Congrats on your win - sometimes fabric needs to sit a while for the right project to come along. SOTMD is very graphic - love it!

  8. Love the pink lemonade!!!! And of course all your projects are awesome!


  9. I just put my pink lemonade together..really like it. Need to start quilting it soon...

    I love how your Orca is coming along!

  10. ALL of these quilts are great! Love the crayons border you put on the stars. And I'm really loving your Orca quilt.....LOVE IT!

    I had a gal say the same thing to me when I showed my RRCB top to our group.....and I replied with...."Really, you don't like soft, warm and cuddly? Hmmmm!" LOL A quilt's design is only there while the lights are on! Then it's only cozy, not crazy! lol

  11. janet, love the pink lemonade and the rambling rose collection is simply beautiful. i am also plugging along with orca bay...those dang purple strippie blocks!

  12. All of your projects make me want to spend the day sewing. I love the idea of the stripe fabric in place of the strings in the orca bay quilt. Very ingenious.

  13. All of this was such fun! But I adore the birthday block you sent to GREAT! :)

  14. You have been very busy! Love your Pink Lemonade quilt and hopefully it will be a complete top soon.

    Funny story about Bonnie!!

  15. I love the pink lemonade Mom. It's so sweet. Can't wait to see it finished.
    I can see Grandma making that comment...with love :o)

  16. Yes Janet the blue tape matched perfectly with the blue inner will be coming off (wink). You have a lot of great projects going on. You did a wonderful Bonnie B-Day Block. I sent one in too. LOVE the stripes of your Orca Bay. I'm trying to get in on the February link up too! Sandi

  17. Your mom is so funny! I think your quilt is looking great! I really like how you used the stripes. Your stripes are lined up perfect.

    I've seen several of those pink lemonade quilts in blogland and they are all so cute. I've always loved the shoofly block.

  18. grandma's comment reminds me of when she wanted to see the quilt that dan had made for me. she looked at it and said, "well, at least he tried." :) funny lady!

    i love your version of the orca fact, i am quite fascinated by it and whenever you post a picture of it i can't help but stare for a while!


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