Thursday, July 12, 2018

Progress on several fronts

Aside from my Mom improving (which is the best progress of all), I have actually gained ground on a few projects. It has only taken me two weeks to have something to post, but it is progress.

This is what became of the homespun HSTs I was using as leader/enders in my last post. This is a design (or a variation of it) that I have seen on a few blogs, and on Pinterest. My HSTs finish at 1".
I don't think I will use homespun in a mini again. The seam intersections are too bulky with the heavier weave, and it made this top go wonky in several places. But I love the look of the plaids.

In trying to trace the source of this pattern, the earliest reference I could find was on It was a gift to Janet from Kathie Holland (formerly of Inspired By Antique Quilts blog). Janet received it from Kathie in November of 2011.

Ruth (country log cabin blog) copied 
Kathie's soon after she had posted it.

Kathie posted another one (below, left), unquilted, in Oct. of 2014.

Then earlier this year Marian Edwards ( made the one on the right, above, for Lori's mini quilt swap. She posted hers in May. I asked Marian where she found the pattern, and she said she got the design somewhere on Pinterest.

If anyone knows the original source of this little quilt design, I would appreciate you letting me know. Maybe it was just Kathie being inspired by an antique quilt, but if there is a pattern source, I would like to know about it.

Another mini that is getting attention is the little 9-patch that is a reverse in the value placement of the one I made for Kris (lavendarquiltsblog) for a swap earlier this year.

Current work in progress on the left, Kris' quilt on the right. I have 5 more 9-patches to make, and then the setting triangles. The 9-patches finish at 3/4". That is as small as I go!    

I have also made a few strides on the half log cabin quilt.
Only 2 more rows of blocks to make, and then I can begin to square up the blocks and make the rows. It has been fun to watch this grow, however slowly. I may add a border. I wouldn't add one, but I want it to be plenty big for a Queen sized bed.        

I have been trying to be so good about not buying new quilting books and patterns. I have ample inspiration in the ones on my bookshelves, in my drawers, and all of the great stuff on the internet. But Jen Kingwell's pattern has tempted me for some time--and Kim Diehl has a new book of many of her small Whatnot patterns.  I am not that strong.
When I held my blog anniversary giveaway, the runner-up winner never got back to me with her address, so I finally drew another number. Debbie (with the horse for your favicon) was selected. Email your address to me, Debbie, and I will get the pattern, scraps and soap sent your way.

We are plagued with wildfires here in the West. Air quality gets bad, but it makes for beautiful sunsets.
DH and I are headed to a Scottish festival this weekend. I know my maiden name is Scottish in origin, and according to my DNA test results I am 39% a Scottish/Irish/Welsh mix. I may come back playing bagpipes or step dancing, or something. But I won't be eating haggis!

Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. You always have such cute projects. I imagine that the log cabin top seems like a huge monster when you are used to working small.

  2. I do love your tiny half square triangle quilt!! glorious and tiny!! I too am Scottish...those festivals are fun. I looked at the Long Time Gone book...what fabrics where you thinking of making it in?

  3. Your minis still amaze me. The big one...half log cabin looks so good! Enjoy the Scottish fling and avoid heat if you can.
    We are having heat and poor air quality this week too. Just not from fires.

  4. Love that little 9 patch quilt! And all those little colorful scraps! :-)

  5. Your new minis and that log cabin top are all so wonderful. I think a border on a large top is almost essential to keep everything square and provide less wear and tear on the pieced edges of the log cabin blockswhen folks pull the quilt over themselves. Have fun at the Scottish fest, I don't fancy trying haggis either! I hope the fires don't strike too close to your home. We're getting a couple days break from the oppressive heat and humidity but it will be back this weekend.

  6. Glad to hear your mom is improving, that IS good progress! Love the minis, especially the nine patches. I've always had a soft spot for them, but have only ever made two very tiny ones. I'd love to go to a Scottish fling, having been obsessed with all things Scots for many years. I'm only 12% Ireland/Scotland/Wales but we think that's mostly Irish/Scots because of my maternal family names. It's so interesting to trace these things back, isn't it? Have a great time and good luck with the haggis! Have you read the Outlander books?

  7. Your efforts to find the original pattern designer for your mini are commendable! I expect you are right and an antique was the inspiration - as they are for so many of the patterns we love.
    Love the log cabin - always a favorite.
    Glad your mom is improving. We just had a visit from my 90 year old MIL. She is doing great after having had two falls earlier this year. There is a lot to be said for a good attitude.
    Hope you enjoy the festival. Is there a Scottish themed quilt in your future?!?!

  8. I can understand that the homespuns would make for bulky intersections in a mini setting. I have used many homespuns over the years. Now they are just sitting on the shelves as my mindset is on a different style of fabric. I still would like to do another saltbox house style quilt using them but don't know if I have pieces large enough in the colors I would want to use.

  9. Don't get fluthered! My ggrandmother was a McNeese! I love going to festivals with a ancestry flair.
    That little quilt I doubt has an official pattern. Yours looks good and I understand about the homespuns.
    I'm glad your mum is recovering. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Yea for Progress!! The Mini's are great. Gottalk love the Internet for ideas. The wall is looking good too. How is your shoulder? Gotta make this short, Grandma Quilt Camp is in progress.

  11. I love the little purple mini! The log cabin is looking great! How do you plan to quilt it?
    Can't wait to see what you come back doing after the scottish festival :)

  12. Love your homespun version of this little quilt! Did you spin your seams? I'm wondering if that would help manage the homespuns. And boy, I miss Kathie Holland's blog. I've torn a lot of her patterns from magazines, and have made a few. I hope she's doing well. Glad to hear that your mama is improving, too. And enjoy the Scottish! (I love remembering the comic strip Peanuts, when it referenced Polkas, Schottisches and Waltzes! European dances!)

  13. I'm with you ... I draw the line with haggis. I have a substantial Scottish/Welsh/British mix...maybe we're related (I mean, beyond Noah...LOL!)! I love your minis in progress. You do such incredible work! Glad to hear good news on your mom's progress. Yay! The fires in the west break my heart. Hope there is relief (and an end to them), soon. :)

  14. Preciosos todos tus trabajos que estás haciendo., El primer mini quilt me ha encantado, con tu permiso algún día lo haré. Un saludo

  15. Again, I don't see how you can handle such tiny pieces and always finish with beautiful little quilts! If you keep showing them, some day you may inspire me to try one. After the monster I just finished, I'm about ready to try. As I said many times before, you are a great inspiration to me; I'm always encouraged after studying your handiwork! ---"Love"

  16. I love the look of the homespuns in your mini quilt, but I agree the SA can get a bit bulky especially with your incredibly mini pieces. You did great detective work tracking that pattern. I always liked Kathie's work. It's interesting how different a simple nine patch can look with the lights and darks reversed. Face it, none of us are strong. There's just too many awesome ideas and projects out there. I admit, I'm weak too! :0)

  17. I am extremely impressed with your progress. NICE job. I'll be curious to read what you find out about the history of that little mini quilt. It sure is CUTE!!
    Now that you have the Jen Kingwell book, I want to know what you're going to do. I have the book as well and have been waiting for the motivation to work on it... do I see a challenge in our future??
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sunset picture! Just amazing.
    So glad that your mom is improving. That's got to be a huge relief!
    Have fun this weekend with your DH... I'd love to see you playing bagpipes, Janet! I'm sure you'll be great.

  18. Those plaids sure look gorgeous Janet. Love all your new creations ... your work is so detailed & intricate it always amazes me. That sunset photo is beautiful though it must be concerning with all the wildfires in the area. Enjoy the Scottish festival this weekend.

  19. What an amazing sunset. The new header is beautiful too. I need to consciously watch for the sunset. Our house is nestled in amongst our shade trees so I have to go outside and into the street to see an actual sunset. Sunsets are about the only good thing that comes from wildfires. That little quilt made with homespuns is really cute. You sure went to a lot of work to find the source for the pattern. Kudos.

  20. So nice to see plaids showing up in your sweet little quilt though they can be a challenge to work with...your tracking down the original design source sure brought up a couple of names that are missed in the blogging world...Janet always posted about her gorgeous applique work and Kathie had wonderful antique inspired projects all the time...hope they are continuing to quilt whereever they are. Have a fun weekend and as Doreen Speckman always used to say...”we ate our haggis and it didn’t gag us.” Though it sounds like you will skip that item on the menu!

  21. I am so happy to hear about your mother's progress. Hope she continues in better health. I am so far behind on my Blogging efforts. I haven't posted anything in July! I love your little mini half square quilt and I do remember seeing it on Kathie Holland's blog when I was just a lurker. I hope the fires end soon. We are pretty dry here right now, but not in major fire danger yet.

  22. Oh, man, now I really feel rotten!! My end of our swap is almost done but I still need to bind it and get it in the mail to you!! Sorry, I wish I had a really cool excuse for not getting it to you for months and months after I received mine!! Yikes!! Let's see, could I say it's because I am having electrical issues? No, maybe no hot water? No!! Nope, no good excuse!! I love you though and I was hoping I could get it to you before your reveal!! Now I'm in trouble!! LOL!! I love, love, love mine!!

  23. I'm celebrating here...I just fixed my sign in problem so I can comment on blogs again. Wahoo!
    So I'm here to say how much I love the look of all the plaid in your mini quilt here :-) It makes my heart sing!

  24. I was surprised to see my little quilt in your post! I had to look at it hanging on my wall to be sure it was it! Maybe someday I will remake it with more contrast in it. I can't believe the 9-patches are 3/4"!!! One day I would like to see one like that in person. Maybe if you visit Oregon again one day. That is just unbelievable to make it that tiny. It will be so cute though. I love that purple fabric.

  25. Hearing your Mom is making progress is just the best news! How is your shoulder? I have resisted purchasing Simple Whatnots, it has taken will power. I have all three Jo Morton's Little Favorites and I keep telling myself I need to finish some of them before I take on more projects.

  26. Good news on your Mom and I hope the progress continues.
    I love that little homespun quilt, but not surprised about the weave causing an issue. The little quilt is so cute!! I miss Kathie's blog and haven't heard from her in a long time now. I applaud your efforts to source the pattern. I think it might be lori smith.
    Your nine patch quilt is wonderful with the lavendar contrast.
    Yowee - your 1/2 LC is really coming together. That is alot of stitching!
    have fun at the fair

  27. LOVE that little mini quilt with the plaids, although I know they can be hard to deal with on a miniature quilt.
    I am going to a Scottish Festival also this weekend... Scottish heritage on my Dad's side

  28. good news about your mom...such a relief no your little quilt and those look like awesome books...if my quilty plate wasn't so full.....

  29. The history of your little quilt's pattern makes me think of family history. And you so carefully recorded sources, Janet! I love your little quilt and all its previous variations. It seems like such a simple pattern with lots of punch, except, of course for its tiny size.

    Patches that finish at 3/4" is tiny! I saw a sweet 9-patch quilt with finished squares that size, but the finished 9-patch blocks were 2 1/4" I think. It's hard to imagine such a small 9-patch. Yours are wonderful, as always.

    I really like the block on the front of Kim Diehl's new book, the one in your photo. It's probably not such a hard pattern but I need to find it (in a large version).

    I hope you enjoyed the Scottish Festival last weekend. (I'm so far behind reading blog posts!)


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