Friday, June 15, 2018

Where to start?

So much has happened since I last posted, and I don't want to bore you--but I also want to share. Hang on, here goes.
Wedding day was wonderful and fun! We haven't got the professional photos yet, so here are a few amateur shots. Photos taken on the grounds of the Logan LDS Temple.
LOTS of bridesmaids and groomsmen
The happy couple
Hubby (eyes closed) and I with the groom
Our four children--all great adults now

 SIL is on the far right
The day after the wedding our oldest daughter's hubby drove home to Oregon to get back to work, and we had her and their daughter with us for a few more days. Then we drove them back to Oregon and spent the weekend with them. We attended the Eugene Saturday Market to hear our SIL play in a band with his brother.

Loved shopping at the market. There is such a variety of vendors. I picked up some hand crafted soap (I enjoy trying other people's soap, if it has no artificial colors or scents), a couple of gluten free treats, DH bought me a bouquet of fresh flowers, and I found this cool phone sleigh.
   I know I have said it over and over, but I love functional things that are aesthetically pleasing. And if it is made out of wood, wicker, or wire--so much the better!
For some time now I have had a plastic clip on my counter where I stand my phone to talk while I keep my hands busy with other things. This will do the job and look so much nicer in the process.

Three quilt shops were squeezed in during our whirlwind trip--one in Idaho, and two in Oregon. Between The Gathering Place in Rupert, ID, Stitchin' Post in Sisters, OR, and Something to Crow About in Springfield, OR, I came home with this stack of goodies.
When I enter a quilt shop I try to have in mind things that I could use in my stash, so I don't totally lose control. This trip I was focused on shirtings, cheddars, and purples. Where is all the purple, I want to know?!? Certainly not in the shops I visited.

The day we left for Oregon, we picked up our mail as we left the driveway, and there was this sweet bundle of Cheddar & Indigo scraps from Grace (citymousequilter blog). Can't wait to play in them.
She also included a great pattern from a magazine of a mini quilt, designed by Ann Hermes. You can bet this will be in the queue of little quilts to make. Thank you again, Grace!!

On our trip back to Utah, we hit a couple of favorite spots--first was Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store, where I stocked up on gluten free baking supplies, and we had lunch on their patio.

Poorly aimed selfie--falls in background
It has been so long since we stopped at Multnomah Falls. We brought our kids here when they were young, and we loved the trail up to the bridge. Due to the past fires, that trail is closed, and you could only observe from the lower deck. Still beautiful.

Oh, right--this is a quilt blog, and thus far there has been very little quilty content. Well, on the drive home I actually completed one more hexie flower for my Stars In The Garden quilt. A few blog friends that know my aversion to making hexies are probably picking themselves up off the floor about now. Don't like stitching them, but love the look! So I plod along on this at a snail's pace.
Still a LONG way to go. I seem to only work on it on long car trips, and we don't travel that often. Also, I have no idea how, or if, I will quilt this, but if I never finish it I won't have to worry about it. :)

Remember the drawing? I am sorry I did not get back to everyone that commented, but since this issue with comments not coming through as emails, I did not have time to mess with it. If blogger doesn't fix this soon, it will be hard to get excited about posting. The commenting back and forth is what makes this such a fun process. 

Anyway, I drew a name from the 101 comments, and Kyle (Timeless Reflections blog) is the winner of my anniversary giveaway. 

There were enough comments this time, that I felt compelled to offer a second gift. In one of the quilt shops I visited along the way I found this pattern for a sweet doll quilt. It finishes at 16"x21". So I came home and pulled a bundle of CW scraps from my scrap basket to go with it, and will also include some of my soap (of course). This will go to Ann in PA.

Kyle and Ann, please get your addresses to me, and I will send out your winnings. Congrats!

Next time I hope to have more of a quilty nature to share. But two of my current projects cannot be shown as yet. I am, however, near completion of the blocks for my half log cabin quilt, and I have a little patriotic quilt to get made for the upcoming family reunion auction, so I will try very hard to  have something of interest by the time I post again.

Until next time, 
Janet O.

Couldn't resist parting shots of my grandchildren (and their parents) all spruced up on wedding day.


  1. Here's hoping Blogger fixes the comment issue very soon!!

  2. Such a wonderful family how everyone is all spruced up and beautiful! So glad that is fully under your belt. And a trip with quilt shops and market is always a treat to read about too! I am not even asking about those hexies and size....I know they are smaller than I can see much less imagine stitching :) But I will say it is a beautiful design.
    I hate this stuff with blogger messing up our comments. I have such friends in blogland that are so valuable to me.

  3. What a Special occasion to have your children together. You did good at limiting excess at the Quilt Shops Row by Row begins next week. Hope that I can resist buying kits this year. Gotta save some $$$ after our big Car expense.

  4. You have a beautiful family and the "amateur" shots are wonderful! How tiny are those hexies? Knowing you, they must be very minuscule! :-)) I have been looking for something to prop my phone with... your new sleigh is beautiful. I keep thinking I'll just make myself a bean bag of some sort, but still haven't done so. So happy you and your family had a great time together!

  5. These are beautiful family photos! Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Your hexi quilt is gorgeous!

  6. What a gorgeous your family wedding pictures, your gorgeous fabrics and those hexies!! What fun! So happy for Kyle and Ann!!

  7. What a lovely wedding party and family! Y'all really had some fun and cherished time together; I'm so glad! I love your fabric acquisitions...though I laughed because it seemed very heavy on the shirtings! Of course, if you aren't finding purple, that's a problem. We need more purple in our lives!! Glad you had a wonderful time!! :)

  8. Gosh, where to start is right! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and spending time with your lovely family creating memories. What a fun trip you were able to take as well. It's nice to have favorite places to stop along the way. Great new fabrics and delightful hexies that just keep showing up. Also a big thank you for drawing my name! I think we've all met wonderful new friends through Blogger. I hope they get things settled soon.

  9. What a fabulous post!! I'll bet the wedding was wonderful and of course I am sad you were not able to get over here to the coast to see me, Martha (Longarm) and the house!! Your trip does sound delightful notwithstanding!! Your hexie flowers are gorgeous and inspiring!! And no, Martha takes up the entire cottage, now the official home of Cranberry Cottage Quilts!! Love ya!!

  10. Congratulations on gaining a new daughter-in-love! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the day was perfect for outdoor photography. We loved visiting Multnomah Falls and always took any out of state guests on a day trip there when we lived in Oregon. If you ever find yourself in McMinnville on the way to or from Eugene be sure to stop at Boersmas quilt shop. I think it's my favorite of all the shops I've been to. Those hexies are way to small for my klutsy fingers to even attempt but yours look so lovely, maybe an unquilted tiny tabletopper will be the way to go when you tire of making them. Congratulations to Kyle and Ann!

  11. Lovely photos of a beautiful day! Looks like the weather was perfect for the celebrations!
    I agree about the blogger problem... it takes the fun away from being able to communicate with the quilt blogging community!

  12. I didn't realize Blogger was having this problem :(
    Anyway, your post made me wonder if I could do hand stitching in the car without getting sick...I will have to give that a try some time...I have plenty of hexies I need to be working on as well :)
    Glad you and Dad had a safe trip to and from Eugene...even with the car issues!

  13. The bride's dress is so pretty and so is she.
    I have not been a big fan of doing EPP but have relented and joined a particular Facebook group called "Libby Morgan Mosaic Quilt Sew-Along 2017". I have ordered some Sue Daley paper pieces and templates. Her papers have a silk coating of some kind and you can lightly glue baste instead of thread basting. And supposedly releases easy and be able to re-use the pieces. I have watched some of her EPP videos on You Tube. I will let you know how it goes.

  14. Beautiful wedding photos!! Always fun to top off a road trip with a few quilt shop stops, too.

  15. loved the photos and looking forward to seeing the little nice to see photos of faraway places i'll never get...and that maggie is such a treasure!

  16. Lots of excitement! That was a big wedding party and the bride is especially beautiful! Congratulations!
    Wonderful stack of lovely fabs. Looks like you fit a lot in your road trip.

  17. fabulous family celebrations & time to be enjoying each others company. There is something strange about our adult children, how did it go so fast, just yesterday they were the age of our grandchildren! Your hexies are beautiful...and there is NO rush on beauty. You & I are kindred spirits in the "selfie" department! I read somewhere the other day they are called selfies only because no one knows how to spell narcissistic! :-).............oh I did laugh at that one! Kiwi hugs xox

  18. Your family photos are such fun to see, Janet. You have a beautiful family. I especially enjoyed seeing the variety of dresses the bridesmaids wore. What a fun wedding party. I admire your little hexies. Maybe they will become a little quilt, in which case you won't have to make so many?

  19. Beautiful photos Janet. Such special memories to treasure. I am pleased to read you managed to squeeze in 3 quilt shops during your trip! Important we get our priorities right! Your hexies are looking gorgeous! A lovely post Janet ! Xxxx

  20. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures...lovely and special treasures! As always, Janet great post!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  21. Oh What a wonderful post. The wedding photos are just gorgeous! What a big beautiful family. Sounds like you had a nice trip to OR too with 3 shops how can you miss?
    Congrats to my buddies who won your giveaway. Yay! and how nice of you to pick 2 winners.
    oh my stars!!! your stars are too too cute!!

  22. Gorgeous wedding photos and family--so nice to see smiling faces of a beautiful family. You scored big time with those shirtings!

  23. Congratulations! What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!

  24. I have that rolling stones pattern in a bag with the fabric. Just have to do it.

  25. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a large wedding party - how fun!!! I LOVE ur phone holder!!! Right now I’m using a tiny easel for lack of anything else but it’s not really stable. Guess I better get online and look for something similar or smile prettily at my woodworker father 😁 I’ve still not picked myself up from the ground regarding ur hexie progress but I do like ur quilting plan: never finish it and never need to quilt it!

  26. What a joyful celebration, and a lovely family! Best wishes to you all. Great fabric additions too. [I found purples in the Jamestown fabric group by Nancy Gere and I saw another purple group just the other day. Maybe Kim Diehl? I'll look around if you want me to.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

    1. Betsey Chutchian Orchard Evelyn's Homestead

  27. I couldn't pass up commenting on a linky party link, even if I *had* already commented!! Loved seeing those hexies! I think we both were miracle link-ups this morning!! Hahaha!! :)

  28. What fabulous pictures from the wedding! Your trip looks like it was fun (even if we didn't get to meet up!! VBG... next time!)...
    hexies? Say it ain't so, Janet!!

  29. Glad the wedding went well ... . .

  30. I didn't realize there was a Bob's Red Mill store. I love their gluten-free baking mix. I use it to bread pork chops and chicken.

  31. I'm sorry I missed your drawing! I haven't been checking blogs as often as i used to and have been busy with other things. I loved seeing photos of your family! What a lovely wedding and beautiful family! Your hex project is so cute! I have one that is languishing and I would love to get it finished, but I really don't enjoy the hand sewing very much either. I worked on it a little this year, so maybe I will get back to it again.

  32. Another great post! Love seeing all your pictures and sewing your working on, everything looking great!!! Happy Quilting!

  33. Beautiful pictures of the wedding! I was impressed to see so many bridesmaids and groomsmen. The Logan Temple is beautiful, Congratulations!

  34. I made Ann's quilt you show from the magazine - all,of her quilts are wonderful.
    What a busy and fun filled summer you are having!

  35. Congratulations to all, Janet - it looks like a fabulous family time and it's great to hear that you enjoyed it so much.


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