Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lots of Winter Woollies, and other festive things

This past weekend DH and I had a little overnight get away and I took a few wool projects along to finish the hand stitching. 

My Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM is completed. Those who guessed that the blob at the bottom was a bell were correct. I was making a rather feeble attempt at replicating the bell from Polar Express. I even considered stitching the word "Believe" on the block, but decided that it wouldn't blend with the rest of the blocks in this mystery.

Speaking of which, those blocks are shown below. Originally I think Miss Stacy said there would be 11 blocks, but now I believe she said she would do a twelfth.

The Attic Heirloom Ornament of the Month patterns were, as the title states, for ornaments, but I made mine into little quilt blocks. I had chosen to just use the first 9 patterns to make a little holiday quilt, but before I could sew them together, I saw the gingerbread man pattern for November and decided to swap out the mitten and add in the gingerbread man. 

Here is the quilt top stitched together. I still plan to add a border or two.

The three cotton fabrics I have used so far are from thrift store shirts. I want to use shirts for the borders, too, but haven't taken the time to dig through the shirt stash yet to select anything.

I finished up the little HeartToHand Snowball block, too. The snowflakes and lettering don't show well with a flash photo, but without the flash it looked too dull. You can find the pattern for this here.

I'm thinking I should have doubled my floss on the branches and pine needles, but it is going to stay as is. It needs a border of some sort. I think I will audition some Snowman Gatherings fabrics for that job.

Most of my stitching took place in the car going to and from our destination, but I did enjoy stitching in our hotel room to Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday". It was showing on TV after DH fell asleep.

Can you tell where we were visiting? (I know a few of you will know.) Click to enlarge photos.


After some painful dental work today I have pretty much been a sloth. This evening I wanted to "do" something, but I was supposed to be taking it easy. So I pulled out my machine for the first time in about three weeks, grabbed some HSTs that a friend had gifted me recently, sorted out the red and green and just did some mindless piecing. 
 I stopped short of doing any trimming. Can't decide if I will trim these small enough to be ornaments, or leave them this size and make a small quilt. There are so many other things I should have been sewing, but those would all take effort, and I wasn't up to any exertion, mental or physical. : )

One last thing I want to share.
Last year I was awed by Pentatonix' version of "Mary Did You Know?" I still love it, but DD#2 just introduced me to this version last night and it is pretty incredible, too.
Hope I did that right--I have never embedded a video in a post before. Hope you enjoy it, too.
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Loving your little wool projects, great to have something to grab to take away with you.

  2. Sorry about the debtal stuff around the holidays. Christmas time in SLC is the best. Cute projects you worked on.

  3. I hope you're feeling better today. I think dental work is some of the most painful.
    Your little attic ornament quilt top is looking so sweet, your thrift store finds were just perfect for that project.

  4. Hello Janet !
    I recognize the Mormon Temple so I conclude this is Salt Lake City !
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos !
    I love your wool projects ! They are both stunning !!
    And the snowball block is my favourite ! Thank for the link !! ;)
    Hugs !

  5. beautiful woolies i love the ornaments cum squares the best i think...chickadees are the maine state bird, did u know? lovely christmas photos....

  6. Great job on the Buttermilk Basin BOM. Your little ornaments quilt is adorable. You have certainly been busy. Hugs

  7. The music is wonderful! I love that song. You have really gone to town with your wool appliqué! Love it!

  8. I prepped a wool project for a road trip too and didn't put in ONE stitch! I adore your lovely holiday projects!!

  9. Good job with the video Mom...I've never tried that either :)
    Love all the lovely wool workings!

  10. Love all your little woolies. They make great travel pieces. Thanks for sharing the music. That song gives me chills every time I hear it. Hope you're feeling better.

  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects. Thanks, also for the song.If we take time to sit and listen it helps to calm our souls in this rush rush season.Thankfully I live on a quiet acreage.

  12. I have no idea where you went but it sure was beautiful! Loved the video - it's my Mom's fav Christmas Carol. I looked up the Pentatonix version an while it was good, today's version was better :)

  13. Such sweet little quilt alongs you have finished. I was very tempted to start the buttermilk basin one, perhaps another year. I like the plaid of the thrift shop shirts, works well. I hope your face isnt so sore now and the dental work was sucessful.

  14. Everything is just sooooo cute!!! I'm always inspired by your beautiful handwork!!! Hope you are soon healed up from that dental visit - oooo - don't like those kind of visits!!

    I couldn't get the song from your post, but will google it and listen! thanks for the tip!!

    Wishing you a Joyous Christmas Season!

  15. Hope you are feeling better after your dental work--ouch! Can sure make a girl feel bad, Love HST's, sometimes mindless sewing is the best. Great snowman.

  16. beautiful music video and it worked perfectly. I think maybe you were visiting Temple in Salt Lake City? just a guess. I saw it while visiting friends many years ago.
    I hope you get a 12 block. They look so great all together.
    What a wonderful collection of Christmas projects to enjoy.
    Painful dental work....boy do I get that. Hope you are feeling better and kudos for getting a little sewing in.

  17. Love that little Heart to Hand Snowman! He's soooo happy! :-) Making the ornaments of the month into a quilt was a great idea! It looks awesome!

  18. So did you have a good time in SLC? Where did you eat dinner? Such a beautiful time of year to visit! You've made good progress on all those adorable little wooly stitcheries - I love them! I saw that video a few days ago - there are SO many good versions of that song - Donny Osmond did a great job with it, as well as Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd.

  19. wow, you've been busy. Great pics from Temple Square.
    The snowman would be cute with just a simple snowball blocks border :)

  20. I hope you feeling better. The video worked great, in fact it is wonderful. Thank you for the Temple Square photos.
    Enjoy your sewing time.

  21. Thanks for sharing the video -- truly beautiful. I'm sorry about the painful dental work. No fun. Hope you are feeling better. Love all your beautiful appliqué.

  22. The last time I saw your little bell, I did not it was to be the bell from Polar Express because at that time I had never seen the Polar Express. But now I have seen the Polar Express (fabulous movie by the way) and your bell is right on!! Love your pictures of Temple Square and the video is amazing!! Thank you for sharing!! :-)) Hope your mouth is feeling better!!

  23. Your wool projects are gorgeous Janet, you've done well with keeping up :-) The video was great... hope by now your 'mouth' has settled down, Christmas dinner just won't be the same with sore teeth.

  24. I've been collecting these patterns, but so far haven't made an of the blocks. Yours are so beautiful! I asked Santa for some wool so maybe next year I can make them.

  25. You've done fabulously well with all your fun BOM woolies!! I like your idea of making the little quilt with the ornaments -- very sweet!! Hope your mouth is feeling better. Dental works is the pits!!! Hugs and love and Merry Christmas!!!!! :)

  26. Beautiful photos!
    I love the Pentatonix Christmas album too!
    Hope you are fully recovered from the dentist!
    Merry Christmas Janet!

  27. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year Janet. Your post is full of great eye candy!!


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