Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quiltfest--The Quilts (Photo Overload!)

First Up--Quilts from the Quiltfest show!
Winning Best of Show was this beauty by Ilene H. King. Here  you can click the photos to read her tag and see a close-up of her incredible hand quilting!

My favs weren't always award winners, but they caught my eye.
Click the small photo below to read the tag.

This was a very striking quilt. You may or may not know that after my first love, CW Repro fabrics, Batiks rank a close second. Love the lush, vibrant colors.

 I thought this creation was very clever and well executed.

 Loved this!

Always in awe of the beautiful art quilts--this was my favorite of that genre. Looks like I forgot to watermark this photo. Click the tag below for due credit, please.

 Quilts by Marsha McCloskey

Luckily I had class with Marsha, because I was near the back of the ballroom during her trunk show and couldn't get good shots of the quilts. This is the English Ivy quilt for the class I took.

 This is the beautiful Star of Chamblie. This was a two-day class.

The photo below is a little blurry, but it is made from blocks of the quilt above, in a different colorway. I didn't get a shot of it in class, so I had to rely on the blurry one from the trunk show.
Love the little stars within the feathered star on this one.

Look at those sweet little 3" blocks. Marsha said this may be a pattern soon.

The next couple of tops are still WIP. Look at this beautiful triple star!

The rich colors on this make a striking statement!

Quilts by Lisa Bongean

I had a seat near the front on Lisa's trunk show day (our tables were assigned). Here are a couple she shared with us there.
Yes, I can see that "quilt" is spelled wrong in the watermark. I didn't want to redo it. : )

"Words to Live By" was on display to the side of the podium. I was able to get Lisa to pose by it afterward. Love this quilt.

Exciting to me was the fact that we were able to see all of the little quilts in Lisa's new book of mini quilts, Little Gatherings!
Here she is displaying a couple of them. I got more shots of them in the classroom afterwards. You'll see those farther down.

Two more warm and woolly quilts.

A fun little wintery quilt from her newest line of fabric, Snowman Gathering II.

This quilt captured my heart. I want it badly, but all of those little HSTs may bring on another migraine!!

Beautiful wool table mats and runners. Many of these have "crazy stitch" embroidery--like a crazy quilt, only no seams to stitch over.
Now for the minis! Here they are, all spread out over the classroom tables. Gives you some size perspective.
Here are the close-ups! Click to enlarge, if you wish. Enjoy!!

Wish I had a prize for everyone who stayed with me through all of that. I really was selective about the photos I shared, if you can believe it.

Today I have spent some time on Lori's SAL, Country Roads. I started two of them because I couldn't narrow down my fabric selection. This was a disease I suffered from a few years ago and I thought I had it under control, but apparently it was just in remission. I'll share my progress down those two country roads next time.

Janet O.


  1. Fabulous photos Janet and thank you for the photos of the labels and the great running commentary :-) I can sense how inspired you were. I'm looking forward to seeing Lisa's mini book. I"m sure your malady is incurable but thankfully it's not terminal... happy sewing :-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible quilts with us! I think my favorite of all is the one done by Linda Williams...may have to look for that pattern! Such inspiration from seeing all these gorgeous quilts.

  3. What an incredible group of quilts. A show like that gets you all revved up and makes you want to see, sew, see! The quilt you really love would be a good one to work on as a leaders and enders kind of a project! :0). I didn't realize Lisa B. made such mini mini's too.

  4. Thanks for the great eye candy before bed time. I should have wonderful dreams after seeing all these cuties!

  5. Super quilt show, thanks for sharing! I'm sure your disease is highly contagious as I'm severely afflicted at the moment having embarked on my own personal Oregon Coast quilt shop hop this week!
    There are 2 shops in the town we're staying at tonight and several more along our route tomorrow. There's no cure in sight!

  6. fabulous show and tell thank you.

  7. Wow...I don't know where to look because all the quilts are awesome ! Thank you so much for sharing....I specially looove the quilts from Marsha with feathered stars !
    I Had the idea to make 2 mini quilts for the Lori's QAL too .... let's see....:)
    I wish you a lovely week-end !

  8. Thank you so, so much for sharing the photos with us, Janet. It's almost as good as being there with you. I can't wait to see your Country Road quilts ... I'm always inspired by your quilts.

  9. Thank you for the morning quilt show. And, I love the milkweed photo on your header. I just love milkweed!

  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts. Very enjoyable. Glad you had a great trip and classes!

  11. WOWZER what a quilt extravaganza!!! loved all the photos. The memories quilt was touching.

  12. oh, I forgot to mention - nice new header. Do you see the monarchs feeding on the milkweed?

  13. Wow--so many wonderful quilts--what a great quilt and trunk show!

  14. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts! I have one of Marsha's books on feathered stars. It's very good. Love your new header photo.

  15. janet my mouth is watering big time after all those luscious photos...and marsha's triple star? yowza! i am so in awe of her patchwork....i love the saying on the quilt about touching. and lisa's little quilts are simply awe-inspiring....lovely photos...looks like you had a wonderful time...

  16. PS you can do that HST unit at a time is all it takes!

  17. Wonderful quilt show, Janet!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  18. What amazing quilts! It could make one very enthused to make some, or very depressed, knowing that you can't make very many of them. How to choose which ones to make? Actually, we keep plugging along with what is in front of us and that is very satisfying. Thanks for the show!

  19. What a fun post filled with lovely quilting inspiration (and intimidation, too, LOL!) I also love the new fall header photo with the milk weed pods glowing and glistening in the mountain sunlight.

  20. Janet, you did a great job of sharing your great time at the quilt show. I loved all the quilts. Thanks! And maybe you can give me a little lesson in how to post pictures you can click on to enlarge and watermarks on pictures??? This is giving me a headache just thinking about it.

  21. The quilts are amazing! Looking forward to the release of Lisa's newest book. Taking classes with Lisa and Marsha would just be over the top. If Lisa ever comes to my area--I'm there

  22. Such beautiful quilts - glad you got to see the new minis!

  23. Another beautiful photo on your home page. Your camera is so great, looks like you could reach out and touch the milkweed. The quilts are awesome, wouldn't dare pick out a favorite, they are all so beautiful

  24. What a great shot on your blog header! And thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. I can only imagine how incredible they were to see in person. Such beautiful attention to detail and workmanship.

  25. Wow! So much stuff! :)
    I think my favorite is the beautiful snowflake looking one...stars of chambile or something like that :)

  26. Those are some amazing quilts you show. Those Teeny, tiny hst's would give me a mental breakdown! The little quilts are adorable though. I laugh at your sickness!!! Glad to see you made Lori's SAL- even if it turned into a mini x 2.

  27. Absolutely stunning!! I bet in person, they were almost overwhelming!!! I can see myself dipping into making some replicas of several of those - just not the art ones!! LOL way outside of my comfort zone!!



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