Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life happens...

...which means that sometimes blogging doesn't.

So to update things, some of you have asked to see progress on those tiny 1/4" sided hexies DD#1 bought when we were visiting in New Hampshire. She recently sent me photos.
Her plan is to make this into a headband. This next photo gives you a better perspective on the size.
I can't wait to see her wearing this.

In my last post I offered 2 1/2" pineapple ornaments for a $10 donation to DD#2's fundraiser for dravet.org. A couple of them were left from the craft fair, but most of these were custom orders. I finally got the last of them sent off.

And speaking of pineapples, look what DD#1 figured out--she made a Snail's Trail from a pineapple block--a 2" pineapple block! I don't know that I could keep straight what went where on this little thing, but I love this block. Maybe someday I will get brave and attempt it.

A LQS had a Handi Quilter open house last week. They just got in a floor model of the HQ Sweet 16 (they already had two HQ longarm machines), and they wanted to know if they could use some of my quilts to display to show what you can do on that machine. I don't keep much of what I make, but I came up with some little ones for them to hang.
My quilts are hanging along the bottom in this photo. I'm sure you've seen them all before. I wanted people to know that you can do bed quilts on the Sweet 16, too, but any of those that I have quilted on Gidget have been gifted away.
It was a fun event, with demos every hour, refreshments, and a drawing for a $30 gift card to the shop. I won!! And I spent it immediately. Anything (except a sewing machine) that we could fit in our pink Handi Quilter shopping bag was 30% off. With a $30 gift card and 30% off, I got a few things I've had my eye on, but couldn't justify.

The nice lady in this photo is Tammy J., who was my very first FMQ teacher. She did all of the demos. I actually tried a longarm machine for the first time. I think I'll stick to my Sweet 16--you know, something about old dogs and new tricks.

I'm still not quite sure how this came about, but last week I had a bit of a surreal experience--six men in my sewing room! These gentlemen represent the Grace Company (company headquarters is 1 1/2 hours south of me), and Juki Corporation. They spent over an hour discussing my experience and preferences as a sit-down quilter (I'm sensing product development here). The photo was the idea of one of the gentlemen from Japan (three of them were from Japan and one of them was from "Juki America, Inc." in Florida.) I'm glad he suggested it. Without the proof I don't know if anyone would have believed me.

Many of you are in a deep freeze, as we have been. Today when I stepped outside I noticed some little icicles on the Christmas lights.

And this was the moon rise over the eastern mountains. Pretty, huh?

Not much of a quilty nature to share today. What sewing has happened has been mostly gift related and can't be shared.

Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. What a lovely post Janet and those teeny hexagons are adorable. Lve the dea of them becoming a headband. Clever idea.

  2. The tiney hexagona are stitching up so nicely but centre stage has to go to the snail trail!!! Clever DD#1! Quite amazing to see all those men in your sewing space!! Congratulations on your win; a neat bonus to add to your voucher. I LOVE the photo of the Christmas light and the icicle - no chance of that happening here!

    1. Sorry about the typos, I forgot to re-read before I hit the publish button!

  3. Love the tiny hexies, and the idea of a headband.
    How clever is DD#1...a nice twist to the pineapple block, I think she is taking after her Mum, being very creative.
    We could use some icicles here right now, we're having a heat wave!

  4. The ornaments are beautiful! And I love the snail trail one...how clever! :0)

  5. Wow... 6 men in your sewing room discussing your quilting style & preferences? Priceless!

    I so enjoy seeing all the stuff you're up to and love that tiny snail's trail! Congrats on your win! I'm sure you were able to pick up a lot of great stuff...

    Definitely winter if your Christmas lights have icicles... stay warm, my friend!

  6. I'm impressed - all those men interviewing you for quilting preferences.

    That snail trail ornament is delightful!

    I'm a new convert to hexies, but 1/4" is way too small for these old eyes of mine ... I have enough trouble with the 1" hexies! I really need to talk to my optometrist about getting some special glasses just for hand work ... my close up prescription is fine for reading, etc. but NOT for doing any kind of close work with needle and thread.

  7. Oh how I love that snail trail ornament! But those teeny tiny hexies are mind-boggling to me. My fingers couldn't hold onto anything that small, much less stitch it together so perfectly! Sounds like you have some exciting times coming up - how neat!

  8. This is such a busy time of the year and we quilters are so blessed to be able to share our passion with others.
    Glad you got a picture of the Men in your sewing room. And congratulations on your win at the Handiquilter open house.
    I think that if you colored the paper on the snail trail foundation it would make it easier to follow.

  9. Oh your house looks so pretty and festive with all those lights!
    what teeny tiny hexies - they're wonderful.
    Lovely ornaments, you've been busy!!

  10. The Snail's Trail oh so tiny and oh so tiny good.

    Your post is an interesting one today. The part about the six men in your sewing room especially! My sewing room is so jam packed full of stuff that one man is all that will fit in mine. Maybe two if they didn't move.

  11. Wow...you're like a rock star!! This post is jam-packed with so many great things. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Adorable little hexies! I hope we get to see a pic of DD1 with the headband on - what a neat idea. Also love your pineapples, and didn't get my order placed - is it too late? I've had thoughts of making snail's trail pendants, but just haven't ever gotten that far - but your post is inspiring me to get started on them! And all those men in your sewing room...interesting! Did they leave you with a new machine?

  13. You know I just love your mini ornaments, colors chosen fabric choices etc. 6 men huh? Interesting....very interesting! Keep me posted!

  14. I love A.'s hexagons...they're so bright and cheerful! I think I'm going to need her to make one of those snail's trails for me. I have always loved the look of that pattern. One day I hope to be able to do a snail trail quilt.
    How fun that you won the gift card! Your quilts look beautiful hanging up. I feel bad I didn't make it in to see them.
    How come I haven't heard anything about these 6 men? How did they get a hold of your name? I'm glad they suggested you get a picture...I'm surprised it wasn't your idea :)
    Love your new header

  15. Six men in your sewing room! That is hilarious, but it tells me they really want to know what real people want and that is a good thing!!
    Love the great quilty things you showed!!

  16. Fun post! Those hexies are adorable and what a great idea to make a headband with them.
    I love your pineapple ornaments. They look just as good in that bowl as they do on a tree! Love the snails trail block - great fabrics. It's great you can share quilting with your daughter.
    Neat! that you were chosen by Grace and Juki for that visit. Doesn't it seem like there should at least be one woman in the group who visited you seeing as it's mostly women who use home sewing machines.
    Your house looks wonderful and thanks for correcting me - a geodesic dome - looks great with all the snow and lights.

  17. First off, I LOVE your Christmasy blog header….and those teeny tiny hexes…how adorable!! Your gals are sooooo creative. They probable have nice hair and are cute and no wrinkles and their cute little brains work really quick and fast!! ha!
    Nice to see some of your minis out in the public for viewing!
    Wow, if I could get 6 men in my sewing room I would have them building shelves and helping me to re-arrange!!
    As usual, an enjoyable post!!!

  18. Wow - those hexies would give me nightmares! So darn cute!!! And I love the Snail's Trail your daughter made - very creative :*) And how much fun is it to get so lucky here in December at Christmas time? I hope you got a lot of nice goodies with your winnings :*) Sounds like some exciting happenings going on with Grace & Juki - can't wait to hear what they're up to!!! That's a really great picture of you :*)

  19. She must have very agile fingers!

    Finished projects at mid-November, gifts and such. My fingers are starting to get back to having normal skin.

  20. I am so glad you got to show off your quilts at the Handi Quilter event. WOW, 6 High Shots in your sewing/quilting space. What a privilege! Now you are famous..lol. So what did you bring home in your pink HQ bag???

  21. Love seeing your quilts all together like that! See how easy it can be to do a wall of quilts! A good start right there! Now, just move it to your house! Haha! Very nice they are getting your opinion for a new Juki! Very cool. Is that you in the picture with all the Juki men? How pretty you are! Still LOVE my ornament! Thanks so much!

  22. You are always the busiest person. Very interesting post, makes me wonder what will come about as a result of the guests in your sewing room. Have a great Holiday Season!

  23. OMG those tiny hexies! What a sweet idea to make a headband. LOVE the snail's trail. Those are complicated blocks even in regular size :) What fun you've had with your quilt displays, winnings, and being sought after by reps. Go, girl! We are having a heat wave after some of our coldest weather ever here. Weird. It was like 70 degrees last night at midnight.

  24. May you and your family be blessed this gorgeous Christmas Season!! You are very loved!! :-))

  25. Maybe it's time to re name your blog? To something like 'home of tiny projects"????? love them all!
    Is that your home on the header? So pretty. Interesting about the quilting men & maybe some developments are brewing.
    Snow.....can I please have some!!Hot summer here NZ

  26. What a week you've had! Congratulations on the prize and also for the recognitions of your talents. You inspire me to get better with my "Gidget". Perhaps if I gave mine a name we might have a closer relationship. LOL Your ornaments have gotten oohs and aahs from everyone who has seen them hanging on my little tree. Thank you for taking the time to make the special orders. A blessed Christmas to you and yours.

  27. Gosh, those Hexies are tiny!! You almost have to have small hands to work them up....never made a hexie...but have a lot of yo-yo's......All your quilts & projects are just Beautiful..

  28. That will make a darling headband!! Congratulations on hanging your quilts in the shop and having the 6 men come to see your sewing room. What fun!! The moon has been awesome the last couple nights. We are traveling to VA to see DS#3 & family and have enjoyed seeing the moon rising. Merry Christmas!

  29. You really have been busy. I love the little hexes and the snail trail block is perfect.

  30. What a great post today. From the tiniest pieces to 6 guys in a sewing room! You've had an interesting week.

  31. Ok, Janet I think it's fixed now, I hope...Ha. Let me know either way....

  32. Me encantan las fotografĂ­as, trasmiten, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  33. So exciting to be entertaining men in your sewing room! I'm sure they learned a lot from you!


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