Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too Stinkin' Cute!

These little flowers just make me happy!
 You might recall from my post about Lisa's (Primitive Gatherings) trunk show, here, that this pattern comes in two sizes, the tiny one called Little Buds, which finishes at 10 1/2" x 14 1'2".
Then there is Bud Garden, which is 20" x 29" and on a black background instead of tan. At the trunk show I had such a hard time deciding between these two kits. I loved the tiny Little Buds quilt, but the black background of Bud Garden was so striking to me.

So I ordered Little Buds and switched out the background tans for a black houndstooth check I had in my stash. The outer black border will be more of a mottled solid black (is that an oxymoron, mottled solid?). I am not experienced with wool applique, and the stitchery instructions in the pattern are not extremely detailed, so I find myself with questions and I'm making up the answers. I think a reasonable level of experience is assumed, and I'm not there. These pieces are so tiny, the instructions say to use 50 weight cotton thread for the blanket stitch. There are other stitched details, but no instructions that I can find as to what size thread or floss would achieve the look in the photo. I'm learning by trial and error.
This is the first block I have stitched so far.  The photo gives you a size perspective. The yellow iris beard stitching obviously needed to be with a heavier thread or floss. I will have to redo that. In spite of my questions, I am loving this project.       
 I finally finished the last little Valentine quiltlet. It is already for next year. This photo shows the quilting to its best advantage. In keeping with my "Year of the Feather" I put free form feathers in the setting triangles and outer border. I used a couple of favorite stencils for the 9-patches and sashing designs.
Here it is all bound and sitting on the table it will most likely grace next Valentine's Day.

And if we are talking "stinkin' cute", I'd better show you these. I signed up last year for Julie's Charm Bracelet program. These two arrived today. The pineapple block was an extra optional purchase, which I was thrilled to get. Julie does an incredible job on these 3/4" charms.

This is the bracelet so far. I believe there are two more charms to come. This is so fun--when I am not wearing it I hang it in my sewing room. It deserves to be seen, not hidden in a drawer somewhere.

 I got the Coins in the Clover tumbler mini sewn together. This will get a simple stippling treatment and be bound in green. Hopefully I will get to that before the month is out and it will be ready for next St. Patrick's day. I like to think of it as always being ready way ahead of time, rather than getting everything finished too late. : )   

 Finally, I have sewn up 6 more blocks for my Scrappy Trips quilt. This is what I have so far. If I just use what I have cut I am 3 blocks away from the halfway mark, but I may enlarge this one. I think I would like it to be bed size, if I have enough of the KT fabrics left to pull it off. 
Another long post. So sorry. Go take a nap--you've earned it. : )
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Oh I agree - those flowers are just too stinkin' cute!!! That is going to be one really striking quilt. The houndstooth is a great background; I love the movement it seems to add. Will you sash it with color like the original? I haven't done any wool applique either, so unfortunately I'm no help to you :( But I'm a great cheerleader, and I'm cheering very loudly and enthusiastically over here in your corner :*D

    And my dear, those feathers are absolutely DIVINE!!! Before long, we will be calling you the Feather Lady!!! Totally looks professional. I'm too stinkin' impressed! Actually, so impressed that I am now off to take that nap before I pass out from the exhaustion from cheering and shouting and being impressed :*)

  2. Love that Scrappy Trips...beautiful colors!
    I love the idea of being super early instead of late...I'll have to remember that :)
    The feathers are gorgeous and I am so happy to finally see some of your wool work! Before we know it you'll be an expert in that area too!

  3. Cute, cute, cute. YES, I would have loved a nap today. Bonnie's class was great, a full day of stitching on my featherweight. You know I love the feathers. Resisting the wool, for now, tiny buds you will have, just like the name states.

  4. I love your wool felt kit/project. I seem to just make up my technique as I go for projects like this... I've seen them blanket stitched, whip stitched, with steam-a-seam, without it. I think the thread weight is personal preference too. I like a sharp needle for piecing easily! Your Valentine's quiltlet with its feathers is gorgeous!! Great quilting!! Love the colours in your scrappy trip!! Whew you'll need a nap after reading my long comment!!!

  5. So much quilty goodness in this post, Janet.

    With respect to your wool applique project, my suggestion would be to use either 2 ply thread off the spool...both Cosmos and Aurifil sell these..and both are equally good...when stitching small elements. Most times I use a heavier weight cotton to stitch the larger elements as in Perle or Valdani cottons. It all comes down to a personal preference depending upon the look you prefer and the ease of the stitching process.

    Julies minis are incredible, aren't they? I have a couple of her treasures that I use as scissor fobs and I love them.

  6. oh the Valentine quilt is adorable love those feathers!!!!
    I have a green and cheddar tumbler mini quilt cut out too! my goal is to have one for all the holidays , someday. hope you have lots of KT fabrics to make this quilt bed size.
    those charms are too cute!
    she is so talented.

  7. Such a busy girl. You sound like you are having fun and I love the bracelet

  8. YIKES Janet,!!!!! You are into the projects...all are great and lovin you little buds...just in time to welcome spring.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    :) Carolyn

  9. You have been very busy and productive! I love your valentine quilt and the quilting is exquisite! Your charms are adorable. I have been wanting to get a pin or pendant from Julie. I just love them.

  10. what a fun loaded post!
    I adore the charm bracelet, it IS sticking cute.
    Your feather quilting is so stunning. Great job.
    Can't believe how tiny those flowers are, oh my!

  11. All wonderful projects and the charm bracelet is gorgeous too!

  12. Little Buds is going to be awesome - you have the hard part done - all the prep work! Green is not my favorite color, but I might change my mind after seeing your little tumblers - they are really cute. Glad that you like your charms! I'm working on the next one now. And I like your Kansas Troubles fabrics - her opening is today, wouldn't it be fun to be there?

  13. Love your wool blocks. They are sooo tiny! I wouldn't know how to stitch that small, you are doing a fantastic job. Did you quilt those feathers yourself? Did you use a sewing machine or long arm? You did an amazing job!!!

  14. Hi Janet. Your wool is just divine! I love wool and you will find that you can do any stitch you like the look of. I don't follow stitching instructions (well we both know I don't follow too many instructions), but look at what it is and then decide. On so many wool projects, I just use what I call the primitive stitch instead of the blanket stitch. That's mainly because I like things more on the primitive side and it goes faster and I'm also the lazy one! haha

    Love your Valentine quilt. That is just gorgeous!

  15. Your post is full of goodness today. I have seen those charms but only on the internet. I didn't realize that you have been getting them. So small and framed nicely.
    So now you are getting into wool applique. Isn't it fun! I too use a primitive type stitch when doing mine.

  16. Janet, it's hard to pick a favorite from all these projects! You've been busy! I love the idea of being extra early for the holidays rather than a couple weeks late finishing. Your tiny wool project is coming along wonderfully, it looks so delicate against the houndstooth background. Have a happy quilting weekend!

  17. Those little buds are adorable!

    Yes, you're ready good and early. ;-)

    That charm bracelet is just too sweet ... and I agree, if you're not wearing it, it needs to be out on display!

  18. Your posts are always all over the place with so much quilty goodness!!
    Beautiful feather quilting!!

  19. WOW, girl, you are on a roll---I would like one of each, please. :D Seriously, each of these are just so delicious---Love those tiny wool flowers and your Valentine wallhanging is beautiful---you did such a lovely job with the quilting. Those tumblers are just precious---and I'm seriously jealous of those charms and bracelet. The KT fabrics really shine in the TATW and will be a wonderful bed quilt. Can't wait for your next post. :)

  20. The valentine quilt is wonderful. The quilting just really shows it all off. What cute little charms, I can't imagine making anything so small. Looks like Cache Valley's snow is melting in your header picture. What is it like today?

  21. Fabulous have been busy. The scrappy trip blocks are so great. Love your applique project....are you using perle cotton. That would be my choice, in either a size 5 or 8. It has a slight sheen in the twist and looks so good with wool.

  22. Wow Janet, you are the one who deserves a nap! I have been so busy lately and in trying to play catch up I find you have gotten some serious quilting done! I love the little St. Patricks display and the scrappey trips is gorgeous! All the tiny cuties are so adorable.

  23. Must feel mighty good to have a wool stash to work from now, huh? I really like the black houndstooth background - fun project and it's looking good! I just canNOT get over your great machine quilting skills - so jealous! I have one of Julie's 2" soldered quilt pandants - these tiny ones must be so amazing! Your tumbler definitely has a St. Patrick's Day vibe to it - I like the color combination. And your Scrappy Trip is looking great - having that light diagonal really makes the blocks stand out. You've been busy! Thanks for all the photos.

  24. janet, the colors in your scrappy trips are sooo beautiful. i like the pattern in anything, scrappier the better, but with these civil war colors it is spectacular...can't wait to see it done!

  25. Wow, oh wow!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! I love every one of your projects!!! I've been pondering a flower applique project with some navy homespun plaid as a background and your little buds may just be the fit - I'll ponder some more!! But love the dark background with colorful sashing with the flowers!! Mine may not be wool, but calicoes. Love the trips!!! I've been piecing a few of those - mine are 10x10 and I may not set them adjacent - just have to wait and see. But I love the colors in yours!!

    Blessings sweet friend!

  26. Chiming in with the others...great post with loads of eye candy that I love! girl, you can quilt some awesome feathers! Then there is that wool piece...smitten! Your charm bracelet is her pieces perhaps someday I will have enough pennies saved to splurge on a pendant. Keep those quilts a comin!

  27. You are very brave to start off with such a small wool project for your first he. It looks lovely, I agree with Kaaren from the painted quilt about using DMC or Valdani, the nice thing is it comes in different weights. Another choice is to use Aurifil Lana wool thread, they blen really nicely with the wools or you can choose to use contrasting colours.

    There are several very good crazy quilting embroidery books that I like and use.

    Keep up the challenges, your min quilt let is lovely as is your thimble quilt.

  28. You wear me out, seeing all the wonderful projects you have going. We don't want to get bored and feel like we're in a rut, and what better way to avoid that than to be working on 3 or 4 or 5 totally different projects at one. Wonderful eye candy!
    Your feathers are gorgeous. You've become an expert with your Sweet 16 and should be proud of the great stitching you two produce together.

  29. Despite the insufficient directions you have done a lovely job with these little blocks. Love the houndstooth background.
    The quilting on your valentine quilt is beautiful! It really makes this simple quilt pattern look elegant.
    Those charms are amazing!
    Well done with your other projects. You always have a lot going on. Never a dull moment! No nap needed!

  30. Oh, my gosh!! How did I miss this great post?? I love everything!! Especially that cheery Valentine's Day quilt!! But I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings - Valentine's Day was last month!! :-) And those little charms are more than stinkin' cute!! 3/4"?? Is someone nuts?? That Guild would be even smaller than the minuture quilt guild!! I think I need to see those in person, ok?? And your Koolaid quilt is spectacular - how did you get all the over here today without some of these goodies in hand?? Huh?? Love ya!! And hope your foot is better!!


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