Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have finished this little quilt and it has gone to its new home.
It was made with leftover Rail Fence blocks from the Little Temecula quilt I copied here.
You can see the quilting a little better from the back.
And I have the quilting done on the first of my four little "Temecula Blessings Baskets" quilt to actually get quilted. I'm trying to decide what color to use as binding. What would you use?

Maybe this angle gives you a little better view of some of the quilting patterns used--the backing on this is that same black fabric as in the border, and I can't get a shot from the back that shows the quilting well. Maybe that is a good thing--I really struggled quilting this one. Sorry, Randy. This quilt will be going to Randy as a "thank you" for the quilts she has donated when my daughter has held her fund raisers for Dravet Syndrome.

I've also made progress on the quilts for my grandsons for Christmas. They don't read my blog and their mother has already seen these photos, so here are the cut pieces laid out ready for sewing.                                                                                                                                                                      
This is for the oldest grandson and big
Star Wars fan. Not happy with it. I have found
another S.W. fabric that I think I am going to be
subbing for the bigger strips. This quilt will
have a "starry sky" print border all around.
This is for the middle grandson who is a
baseball nut. He loves all sports, it seems,
but especially baseball. There will be a border
all around this in the black tonal houndstooth
print that makes some of the narrow strips.

This is a crib quilt for little Ben. He loves trains!
When I get the black binding on it that red
stripe around the outer edge will be covered up.
This one is already partially sewn together.
All of these quilts are made using favorite quick donation quilt pattern, found here. I have made these a little bigger and varied the fabric placement a little. This is a great pattern for a quick quilt, whether a gift or a donation.

I continue to plow ahead with Orca Bay (SOTMD). Hope to have a flimsy by month's end. Now I need to get plowing on the 5 Sow-Along blocks I have yet to make.

There seem to be a lot of November birthdays on the blogs I follow. I was a November baby, too. My friends have long tried to teach me to celebrate all month long, and I am seeing the value--especially when your birthday gets swallowed up in the Thanksgiving festivities. DD#2 gave me tickets  to a Gary Morris concert, which DH and I enjoyed Saturday night. Monday I went to brunch (crepes and hot chocolate made with Nutella) with a friend and DD#2 (DD#1 would join us if she lived anywhere nearby). Later that day I was doing some grocery shopping and I spotted a fall bouquet that I loved. I don't usually buy myself flowers, but in the spirit of celebrating all month, I did. Doesn't it look nice with my Fall table runner (which, by the way, I bound but never quilted)?
So to spice up the birthday a bit (as if having it on Black Friday this year isn't spicy enough), I will be posting a little giveaway that day. Tune in then for the details. Nothing fancy--just a little treat for my quilt blog friends who make my life a little more spicy.

We have had a lot of snow lately. This was the view to the west a couple of days ago.
 And this was the view to the east.
But we are warming back up this week, so it is melting away on the valley floor now. Just so long as it is back by Christmas. : )

Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. Wonderful progress Mom!
    The kids will love the quilts!
    And way to go on buying some flowers for yourself! You totally deserve it :)

  2. Your quilting on the basket quilt looks spectacular to me! I'm sure the boys will love their quilts - you've put a lot of effort into making it "their.s" The snow on the mountains is spectacular. We had some grapple the other day but now it's just cold and gray = yuck.

    Happy (early) Birthday and here's to celebrating all month!

  3. I like the Rail Fence quilt. A simple block that makes good use of a variety of fabrics.
    A Happy Birthday to you. My birthday is early in January and can easily be overlooked since it is so near the Christmas/New Year's holiday season. I saw on another blog where she participated in birthday block swaps and got lots of packages of blocks in her birth month. I thought it was a good idea.

  4. Hi Janet - I love your little basket quilt - I hope to make some of those blocks some day myself! I think the black fabric for the binding would be a great finish. The grandson quilts are so cute - I can just see the boys snuggling under them while watching TV or reading books!

  5. Oh, that view... I would never be able to pry my eyes from the window to get anything done! Spectacular! I would bind the basket quilt with the same dark border fabric, if you have any left. The quilting on that one is just divine!! The quilts for the boys are wonderful, too; they will cherish those forever. Well done, Janet!

  6. Either the dark Brown or Gray for the Binding, I think. YEA for another Giveaway! I love to comment for those. Cute, quick quilts for the G-sons. I'd have to start in January to make 13 for my G-sons. You're going to be busy quilting on Black Friday, HUH? Randy won't be looking at the back, It looks great from here.

  7. Wonderful quilts for the young ones - they will love them!!! I would have given anything to have a quilt from my grandmother :*) Your rail fence quilt is very happy and cute! Love the quilting on it! And you know how I feel about your little baskets - they are SO sweet! A great gift for Randy :*)

    Looking forward to your birthday post - lovely to share a birthday month together =^..^=

  8. Another wonderful set of beautiful projects!! I love the pattern on rail fence blocks - is it a continuous pattern or do you stop and start (I'll look at the photo again and try to figure it out! another question - what kind of thread do you use for machine quilting. I love the thread you quilted on my Falling Stars. The boys quilts are so cute - and what a quick way to put them together!!!
    And I DO miss the mountains!!! Of course buying flowers for yourself is totally acceptable!! Way to go!!


  9. Your quilting is just getting better and better. Love all the projects that you are making progress on. the fall table runner is beautiful. I also love seeing the pictures of the snow.

  10. Love the basket quilt, the quilting is gorgeous Janet, you really are doing well with that.
    The boys will be so happy with those quilts, just in time for the cold weather.....and that view is to die for, looks so pretty with the snow.
    Julia ♥

  11. OH!! Your basket quilt is darling, darling! And I love your Rail Fence mini, too -- *swoon*!! Your flowers are so pretty and happy...especially on the table runner!! And your snow is *gorgeous*!! :)

  12. I always look forward to your posts because I know your readers are going to be treated to some eye candy. Your quilting projects are all wonderful. I think the red fabric of the middle block would look nice for the binding. When I finally invest in the Baby Lock or Sweet 16, I am going to have lots of questions for you. :) The view from your home is nothing less than majestic. You are blessed!

  13. Your little quilts are perfection right down to the quilting!!! I would use the same dark fabric for your binding. Im just smitten with your photos each and every visit to your blog. Gosh, another Nov birthday....I need your address please!

  14. Are you kidding me? Both the western and eastern views look like postcards! Jealous! Love your Rail Fence and the Little Baskets. I'm partial to dark binding, like the border. LOVE how you quilted all the them but I especially like the pattern on the border of the basket quilt! Your grandsons will love their theme quilts... I'm sure they will treasure them for years to come! Happy Birthday all November long!

  15. The little quilts look just wonderful! You do such a great job on your piecing--having made a few minis, I know it can be really hard to make those little pieces stay straight! That quilt plan by Mary is the best! I have made several versions of this too and it always looks good.

    Happy Birthday month to you too :)

  16. congrats on all these quilts ! wow you have been busy
    Love the pictures of the mountains. wow thank you for posting them I LOVE looking at them
    what lucky grandkids you have!

  17. Happy Happy Happy Birthday month

  18. I love your baskets, I'd bind in the dark border fabric. Your quilting is fab on this piece. I'll wish you a Happy Birthday in case I miss it on Black Friday, and YEAH to buying yourself a little bouquet, you should do it more often!

  19. The quilting just makes your quilts all that much more beautiful. Do you mark with stencils? What kind of thread and what color? It doesn't stand out too much anywhere! Incredible!

  20. Your quilting is amazing Janet! Love the designs you used. And what great views you enjoy!

  21. oh janet, have a happy day! and wow, all that snow! be sure to keep it there though, ok? LOL

  22. Happy Birthday to you! November is a wonderful month for a birthday, and you definitely deserve the flowers.
    If you still have the black fabric in the little quilt border, I'd vote for that for the binding. You could use gold, but I think the punch of gold elsewhere in the quilt is just enough as it is.
    Your quilting on this little project is fabulous!! You're doing so well with your projects! Practice, practice, practice is paying off for you.

  23. Happy Birthday month!! I agree - I think we should always celebrate our whole month! I would used the gold for the binding on the basket quilt. As always your projects are all wonderful. And your view...gorgeous...are you sure it's not a postcard? Lol...

  24. I think I like seeing photos of your views nearly as much as seeing the progress on your quilts. Nearly. ;-)

    Your grandsons will love their new quilts showcasing their favorites. All the quilts today are looking great. I'd vote for using the same fabric for the binding as you used the border so as not to detract from the center which is perfect as is.

    Happy birthday month; prolong the joy!

  25. I'll say you've made progress! Your little gift quilt is sweet and your quilting on the basket quilt is great.
    Nice boy quilts!!
    Your view is stunning. Looks like a postcard - lovely!

  26. I think red would be perfect for the binding on the little baskets quilt. But I'm partial to red for ANYTHING. And your quilting on that is so so pretty!

    I love Maryquilts Quick Strippy pattern and have made probably a couple dozen of those quilts for my charity quilting group and for gifts. It's a perfect pattern for that fabric that you don't want to cut into tiny pieces. Those are some great looking quilts that I'm sure will be a big hit when they are unwrapped!

  27. Your scenery is so beautiful . . . . And I'm glad you bought flowers for yourself. I do that once in a while.

  28. I love the fail fence pattern, and I don't recall ever seeing it set the way you did ... I love that setting! May I borrow that setting for my next rail fence?

    My oldest grandson is a Star Wars fanatic ... I've never thought about making him a Star Wars quilt ... but now you've got me thinking! ;-)

  29. Love your projects and the quilting is fantastic! I know Randy will LOVE and treasure the quilt!!

  30. Your 2 little quilts are lovely and the quilting is wonderful! Great job! I really like the table runner too. And the view!!! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful view.

  31. Lovely quilts, Janet! I think I'd go with the dark border fabric if you still have some left. Randy is so lucky to get this beautifully quilted quilt. I'm sure the quilts for your grandson will be a big hit. That is a great pattern to display those fabrics. Have a Happy Birthday - glad you are celebrating all month! Love the view.

  32. Simply awesome work, Janet! Wow! Now that's a ton of work you've done there and the quilting is divine!

    I'd do the border in red, for sure.

    EVeryone is going to L-O-V-E their gifts.

    Happy birthday from one November gal to another.

  33. Love those quilts for your grandkids. Hunter went through a big Star Wars phase too. I also made him a Star Wars quilt and he loved it. I really like the pattern that you are using for those quilts.

    Look at that snow! Wow! I love the look of those snowy mountains but you can keep that snow out west! LOL! I used to love when we would get snowed in here but now that Andrew drives it worries me to death.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  34. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday Janet! I love the look of the rail fence setting. It's always fun to see the quilting designs you choose. You have put a lot of thought in to making each grandson feel unique and special, they will love their quilts. I printed off a copy of Mary's pattern, it will come in handy.

  35. Your quilting is great on the mini quilts! Good job. Love your Strippie quilts too...I love that pattern.

  36. Your quilting is looking fabulous! I love to see the work you are doing. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Love your quilts, Janet. My little Temecula baskets are still not finished. If I had your view, I would never leave home. It is just gorgeous.

  38. Your quilts are just gorgeous Janet, and I love seeing your mountain photos.

  39. I love how you have done the rail fence and also the quilting on your baskets mini. The boys' quilts will turn out great - I am sure they will love them. Love your snow photos too - simply beautiful.

  40. Your view always looks beautiful. All that snow...oh my! I'd be happy to have it for a little bit, but love my San Diego weather. We are expecting 80's on Saturday. I think the gold or the same fabric as the inner border would look terrific for a binding. The boys are going to love their gifts and so will Randy! Your quilting is lovely. Happy Birthday my friend. Sandi

  41. The quilting on your little quilts is wonderful and makes them even more special - love your palette of colors!


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