Friday, September 14, 2012

Isn't this fun?

This is the happy quilt Randy sent for my daughter's fundraiser this week to raise research money for Dravet Syndrome  In this photo it is stretched out and pinned over several layers of sheets. I mistakenly left it stored in the box Randy sent it in, and when I took it out this week the creases were pretty ingrained. So it has been through a cool rinse and blocked to restore its creaseless beauty.

I have been very touched by the selfless generosity of so many bloggers. This is the second quilt Randy has donated to the cause, Doniene sent a top that I quilted for the fundraiser last month, and several of you have donated to the cause on my daughter's blog. In an effort to thank those who have helped, I made this little fall wall hanging (which I hope to get quilted next week) and indicated that it would be given away in a drawing from the names of those who had donated $10 on my daughter's blog. This page also tells the story of my grandson's battle with this dreadful seizure disorder. Ben is such a precious little guy and we want to do all we can to improve his quality of life, and that of all others who share this debilitating syndrome. My sincerest thanks to all who have felt impressed to contribute in any way.
The drawing for "Fall"ing Stars will take place Saturday night (9 p.m. MDT).

Now I don't want to shock anyone with this next bit. After all, I have been the very last name on the link to SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge more times than not, but I am actually going to post my challenge effort by the middle of the month this time. I won't know what to do with myself come midnight the last day of September.
Paula Reid is our FMQ expert this month. She taught us her "Stuff and Fluff" technique to use in quilting large quilt, and shared a stencil pattern for us to try. I tried the "Stuff and Fluff" as I put an overall pattern on this baby blanket for my friend's great-granddaughter. I think the technique would be more useful with larger quilts, but I didn't have one to quilt at the moment.
The main part of the challenge was to quilt a feathered wreath using the stencil design she had acquired permission to share. It is not a continuous design, so there is overstitching involved. When I first started the FMQ Challenge I could not follow a line to save me. One of the benefits of following this monthly challenge is that I have actually reached the point that I feel like I can follow a line--but I still can't backtrack over my stitching very well. So I did this on a light fabric with a lighter weight, light-colored thread, so my backtracking flaws are not so obvious. : )
It is a very pretty wreath, but I don't know how often I would want to do the backtrack stitching. This is from The Stencil Company, and challenge participants receive a discount on orders placed this month. May I recommend that if you want a wreath stencil, but don't want the overstitching, check out this one and order it while you have a discount.
This is from The Stencil Company. I ordered it a few months ago. It is more of a Sally Terry style "hooked" feather, so there is no backtracking. I still struggle with feathers, but I think I could do this on a quilt.
As long as I am working ahead of deadlines for a change, I will show you my latest Barrister's Sow-Along blocks which are, amazingly, completed days before the next batch are posted. Oh, these plaid shirt blocks are addictive. I was in the thrift store again today and really scored some beautiful plaids and stripes! They will be in future blocks, I am sure.

Two more little items--you know me and little things--I quilted up my little labor of love" quilts from Cheri's Labor Day instructions. Just used clamshells and I think they turned out cute. Need to get them bound and find homes for them.

Finally, you may have noticed the button on my sidebar for the Mrs. Claus project over at Debbie's Stitchin' Therapy blog. I got my doll quilts finished and sent off to her this week. Another project completed well before deadline. This could be habit forming. It feels great to be finishing things without  the pressure of an imminent deadline.

This post got out of hand--again!! Should come as no surprise, I guess.
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. I couldn't sleep, so I was blog hopping. Always glad to see Feathered wreatbs! Gidget has been busy!

  2. What a busy bee you have been! Your FMQ challenge piece is fabulous! I also like the hooked on feathers circle. I have Sally Terry's book and really like that method. All your little quilts are so cute and the clamshells look great! How did you get them so even. I have trouble following the lines, so the last time I quilted clamshells, they weren't too even. I would like to be able to do them better. I know, practice - practice - practice!

  3. So much eye candy! Love your blocks, your FMQing, and all the stuff you're working on...

  4. Now don't go getting all crazy over there and being organized and ahead of schedule all the time!! You're making us all look bad! LOL
    So fun to see your sewing looks huge! I'll have to investigate that one.
    Oh yah...note to self to try a free hand clamshell...that looks like fun!

  5. Your little minis are so cute and I love the doll quilts...I recognize the fabric in that bottommost one :)

  6. I really love your quilting, your wreath is wonderful! I need to get going again on the barristers plaids in yours!

  7. Wow, your feathers are looking fabulous! I have trouble even just hand-drawing them. LOL! It's so nice to see folks giving of themselves. And so lovely of you to give back, too!! :)

  8. Geez, where to begin?! YOu always have such a fun blog post bursting with all sorts of goodness!!
    I love stencils made for machine quilting, rather then hand quilting. They just flow better.

  9. Quilters have such big hearts! Lovely donation quilts.

    Your quilted wreaths look very nice. Like you, I would rather do the one without backtracking. :)

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  10. Beautiful feathered wreaths. Or is it Fabulous Feathers?
    Love the donation tops ;-)
    Sweet doll quilts too.
    Love your work with plaids!
    All great FUN.

  11. What a lovely and bright quilt top with all those different sampler blocks! It makes me wish I had a top I could donate - what wonderful friends you have :*) And "way to go!" for getting your projects done early this month!!! Doesn't that feel so good? Your quilting improves each month... I just love you feathers! =^..^=

  12. You do get a lot done in the same 24 hrs. that I have. The plaid blocks are great as usual, I can hardly wait to see the completed quilt top. I heard you were down to 32 degree a couple of nights ago. I guess the good thing is that the cold snap will bring out the sugar in the apples.

  13. Great post Janet...lots if lovely eye candy.
    Beautiful donation tops..
    I have the same problem of back tracking over the stitches, your feathered wreath looks lovely.
    My Sweet Sixteen and I are still working on becoming best friends..
    Thanks you for the link to the stencils..
    Julia ♥

  14. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Love the quilt that Randy sent - what a sweetie she is!!! Your FMQ is soooo goood!!! (I think I'm doing pretty good and then I look at yours - rather intimidating/inspiring!!!) You have been busy and a head of schedule too! Good feeling,isn't it!! Love our little Ben for me!


  15. Wonderful work Janet, you have been really busy and the donation quilts are great. Your plaid shirt-finds are coming up so well!! As for your quilting - lovely, you need to give yourself more credit :-) AND good on you for beating deadlines!.

  16. Janet,
    Can't wait to hear how the fundraising goes this weekend! Hope Aimee is able to raise lots of money! And your blocks look great! I love the plaids. I am not allowing myself to go buy any more shirts! I like looking at yours, though! Love the doll quilts, too! You get lots done!!! VERY impressive.

  17. Your stitching looks so good....I especially think you did fabulous on the hooked feather wreath. I believe you have this down pat.
    OH....doll quilts Thank you.

  18. wow - your machine quilting looks great. Love 4-patch dolly quilts. what a fun filled post

  19. So many lovely projects. I'm here by way of Deb's blog. She showed pictures of the beautiful doll quilt you made for her charity. Beautiful quilting!

  20. Your quilting life is a whirlwind, but always fun to catch up on! Love the donated quilt, it is gorgeous.

  21. Is this "getting stuff done before deadline" thing contagious? If so please send it my way...I feel more behind every day. All of your projects looks great but I think the labor day minis are my fav - love those colors!

  22. I love your feathered wreath! You did a great job! I like the hooked feathers and less back tracking! You have some wonderful projects you're working on. I had a great time looking around your blog!

  23. Very nicely done. I can hardly see your backtracking :)

  24. Ooh, your challenge piece looks pretty close to perfect. I'm nervous to try it, running out of procrastination days before the end of the month! But I REALLY like that hooked feather wreath you did next. It's that perfect blend of tradition-meets-today. Thanks for sharing where you got the stencil. Oh, and I also like your clamshell quilting -- another thing I want to try now!


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