Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thanks for your support!

This was the donation quilt for my daughter's fundraiser yesterday before we went to the event. Thank you, Doniene, for relieving so much stress from my shoulders by providing a finished top.
This was the quilt this morning when the happy winner, Debby P., and her daughter picked it up. She was thrilled to receive it.
Several of you have asked how you can help in our efforts and some of you have already donated. I have been trying to think of a way for you to be able to participate in our drawing and while I was working on the binding of this quilt I came up with something. When Doniene sent this quilt top she included some of the leftover background fabric. I had backing and binding fabric left, too. As I was stitching the binding I saw the pile of these leftover fabrics sitting nearby. I also saw the Temecula Summer Stars that I have made sitting on a design board. That is when the idea clicked. These lovely fall colors with the Summer Stars blocks seemed to need to come together in "Fall"-ing Stars (get it?).
Today was the culmination of my daughter's first fundraiser. The second and last one for the year will wrap up September 15. Between now and then I will be getting this quilted and bound. During that time any of you that make a $10 donation to help support Dravet Syndrome research on my daughter's blog HERE, will be included in a drawing for this little quilt (It will be about 23"x30" finished). Those of you who have already donated are automatically included--one chance per $10. If your name on the donation is something I wouldn't recognize because it is so different from your blog name, just leave your blog name in the notes or email an explanation to me. I will draw the winner at midnight on Sept. 15th.

I appreciate your patience with me as I spread the word about this devastating syndrome that has my youngest grandson in its grip. I am not begging for money--I am just trying to provide a way to thank those who have chosen to help, and to invite others to participate if they choose. I'm sure if you had to stand by helplessly and watch a precious grandchild repeatedly endure seizures that at times have lasted 30 minutes or more, I think you would want to do all you could to raise awareness and funds for research. The photo to the right is Ben wearing the helmet that helps protect him from head injury when seizures cause him to fall, which can happen many, many times on a bad day.

Two other quick items--I have been making the Temecula Stars in Civil War scraps and had been thinking there would be eight of them. That was before I noticed on the calender this week that there are 5 Fridays this month. I had already been guessing at settings for 8 blocks--in fact, the setting I used for "Fall"ing Stars (above) was my guess. So now I am caught up and will wait for the 9th star before assuming that I know how they will be set.
And finally, I was happy to be able to snag the last of the three AAQI quilts that were a collaborative effort between Lori D. and Kathie H. When I finally figure out where my wall of little quilts is going to be, I will be happy to include this.
Oh, you patient followers (and lurkers) who endure these long posts. Bless you all!
Until next time,
Janet O.


  1. The longer the better ... I enjoy your posts! Ben is quite the cutie -- what a precious smile! Continuing to send hugs and prayers your way!! :)

  2. You are so creative and generous. The donation quilt looks great and it was fun to see the big smiles on the winner's faces.

  3. Thanks for sharing the donation quilt winners and the finished quilt.
    Your Grandson is so handsome. I pray that with many donations that the doctors can find a cure or at least a good treatment.
    Your stars are beautiful! Will be fun to see how you set them.

  4. Wow!!! It turned out just beautifully!!!! I'm so glad that the winners were happy!! You know me, the stars are super duper!!!! I didn't even look at the Friday's this month! I was so ready for The SAL to be done, that I set my blocks today! I really needed to finish something. I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all that I have going! I LOVE your long posts!!! Always a highlight of my day!!

    Blessings dear friend!!

  5. You know we love your long posts Janet! Your donation quilt was just wonderful and the happy recipient sure seems to think so too :*) My prayers continue for your sweet grandson!

  6. Doniene is such a sweetheart... and I would be THRILLED to win that gorgeous quilt!

    Congratulations on snagging the AAQI quilt... it's great! I could spend some time studying those fabrics...

    I see some great progress with your sewing... I'd like to do the Temecula Stars as well... a great way to tame some of these fabrics that are piling up.

    God bless your sweet grandson... I am praying for a cure and at least good treatment options.

    Long post = long comment!


  7. I always enjoy reading your posts. Little Ben is certainly a handsome little guy! Love the quilts and they go for such a great cause. Best of luck!

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  8. The finished quilt is a real beauty! I hope it raised a lot of money.
    Your grandson is quite the sugar. He looks happy as can be, even if he is wearing a huge helmet. Bless his little heart...

    Love your fall colored star quilt!!

  9. Janet, you have really opened my eyes by sharing sweet Ben's story. I continue to pray for him. So fun to see the happy winners of the beautiful quilt you and Doniene put so much love and work in to. I have to say the quilt looks much larger shown in the picture with the winner. I really like the way Doniene bordered this top. I tend to border quilts ending with a darker fabric. I'll have to try this approach sometime. You did a beautiful job quilting it! Love how your Summer Stars have turned into "Fall"ing Stars!

  10. The donation quilt is just gorgeous! I hope it raised a lot of money. Ya know...on one of the last SALs, the last day was actually for setting and not more blocks. I really like your setting and might do that anyway.

  11. I just want to remove myself from the "lurker" category. Janet, it is always fun to see you and I do enjoy your blog, you are one amazing quilter.

  12. Glad you got your Donation Quilt finished in time. The winners look so happy to have it. What long post are you talking about. This one is shorter than some. We like lots of pictures. The Projects are looking good. You've done a lot of STAR quilts this year.

  13. Well Janet, what a fun blog you have. Love your quilts and really love bumping into you at our favorite fabric stores, Bernina and Girlfriends...If you haven't joined up on the UFO night (3rd Friday 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm) at Girlfriends, it is still open and much much fun!!!
    I will follow you along to keep in touch...

  14. Janet, the raffle quilt is beautiful! I think it's necessary for you to spread the word about your grandson. I'd never heard of Dravet Syndrome before. My little aches and pains are nothing when I hear abou someone like Ben. Good luck with the fundraising. The Temecula stars are so pretty, as is the AAQI quilt. Can't get enough of these reproduction fabrics!

  15. The finished donation quilt is just lovely, Janet! No wonder the winner was thrilled--I would be too! Nice of you to add another opportunity to enjoy some of your work. I hope awareness is upped due to yours and your daughter's efforts.

    Love your stars and mini. I don't mind your long posts at all!


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