Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's on my bed, and on my wall, and in my hand, and under my needle, etc.!

On My Bed

"What's on your bed?" Bonnie asked (it's a linky party). And I had actually just stripped my bed that morning and was getting ready to put on a lighter quilt. I think I have shown this quilt once, almost a year ago. My Mom made it from a pattern by Mabeth Oxenreider that appeared on the cover of a quilt magazine years ago. As has happened before, I bought the magazine because I fell in love with the scrappy quilt on the cover, but it was my Mother who ended up making it before I could get around to it. It doesn't always work out that I end up with the finished quilt. I'm glad it did this time!
Mom only hand quilts her projects. Look at these stitches--this is where I learned to quilt!
Speaking of tiny, when I posted about this quilt of 5" finished baskets I commented that I thought once the parts were all sewn together the sashing pieces would be long enough that I wouldn't need cornerstones. Well, it is all sewn now, except the borders, and I do need something for the corners.
On My Wall
 Here's the tiny part--Carol (of Brown Quilts) suggested little baskets for the cornerstones. I laughed about it at first--they would have to finish at 2". But with Carol's encouragement, I took on the challenge. This is the first little cornerstone. The others are cut and ready to put together. I love it! Thanks, Carol!
In My Hand
I am almost finished quilting the largest project I have put under the needle of my new toy so far (how long do you own something before it is no longer considered new? Just wondering.)--and it is only a crib quilt. It was made using the Quick Strippy Quilt Pattern from Mary Johnson. I needed something to practice on using an all-over design. I'm using the loopy design with stars inserted (think March FMQ Challenge). I know you can't really see the quilting here, but I was more interested in sharing the pattern. Turns out there is a baby shower this Saturday for a relative having a baby boy. Perfect--if I can get it bound in time. As I have said before, I am the World's Slowest Binder!!
Under My Needle

I have completed a pile of practice sandwiches and a few table toppers and wall hangings, but this is the biggest project. I am beginning to see the wisdom of the "slider" products that make the surface on which you are pushing the quilt around a little less resistant. I can imagine it will make a big difference on a bed-size quilt. I will have to look into those.
Just Laying Around Somewhere
I got this book in the mail yesterday and I am very happy with it. After my trying experience with feathers in the February FMQ Challenge, I was intrigued when I saw a reference to this method somewhere.
The book does not disappoint. It is full of diagrams and ideas. I haven't tried the method yet--my machine is kinda busy, but I think it looks more doable than many other traditional ways of doing feathers. But the feathers still look traditional. And how cool is it that Sally Terry is coming to the Home Machine Quilting Show next month, being held only two hours away? Are any of you coming? I'm still trying to work out getting there, but it sounds wonderful!
Also in yesterday's mail was a squishy with fabrics from Grace. We did a little swap. She sent some lovely repro fabrics (especially purple--love it, Grace!!) and I sent batiks. Always fun to exchange with others.
Okay, when I started this post Randy hadn't yet posted her Sow-Along Bonus Block, so I need to hurry and get the last batch of blocks made in Christmas fabrics before I get too far behind. Once I start slipping behind on something I have a tendency to give up, and I don't want that to happen.
Until next time, 
Janet O.


  1. Y'know, if you lived Near Philadelphia, we could trade machining for binding. I delight in binding.

  2. I'm amazed at your tiny basket cornerstone block. Can't wait to see your basket quilt finished.

  3. Oh my Janet...that basket is the cutest block ever...I'm so excited that it worked and you had fun doing it...can't wait to see the borders done...

  4. Oh that is the cutest little basket block I've every seen!! perfect!!!! Your mom's quilting is amazing!! such an inspiration!! Glad to see the "sweet sixteen" is getting good use!! I wish I lived closer, I'd do the binding for you! I'm pretty speedy with that part!!


  5. Good for you to make the tiny baskets work! Love your BED quilt. Lucky you to have your mother around to make you things still. My mother and grandmother only hand quilted too. I'm the rebel. Glad you are enjoying your toy! Wish I was coming to Utah next month so we could go together. I have a ticket to use to go somewhere.

  6. Love, love, love the tiny little basket Mom! How sweet!

  7. Love your bed are so fortunate to have your Mom's work to sleep under. And those tiny stitches are beautiful. Go for the tiny baskets...they look great.

  8. I enjoy binding too, like Nancy! That baby quilt is lovely, good luck with your deadline. That teeny tiny basket is the most precious little thing, and will be PERFECT in the corner! I need to check out that book by Sally Terry, it looks great; NO BACKTRACKING? That sounds great!

  9. I have the Hooked on Feathers book also and plan to quilt those kind of feathers on the king size quilt that I am almost finished with. I just posted about it on my blog. I found out about it from She quilts all her quilts on her domestic sewing machine so she was an inspiration to me.

  10. That is the smallest block... and here I was complaining about making 4 six in. blocks! Great job!

    Lots of lovelies in today's post... you've been busy!

  11. That little basket is sooo tiny. I LOVE it. And, Janet, I think I have the perfect space on my wall for it. Just sayin'

  12. Oh girl, I am MOST impressed, tiny die for!!!

    That one on your bed is one that has always been on my list, why oh why have I not made one yet??

  13. I am just amazed at how small that basket is. Can hardly wait to see how you use it.
    The book on feathers looks interesting, may have to find a copy.

  14. I remember that quilt pattern from when it was published. I liked the way the dark squares run through the quilt creating a diagonal design.

  15. Your mom did a wonderful job on that quilt - it's beautiful! I love that pattern.
    The 2" basket is adorable. What a challenge!
    I'm not familiar with Sally Terry. Look forward to seeing your new feathers. Lucky you, she is coming nearby. Hope you learn a lot from her.
    You're always sew busy!

  16. Wow Janet - You always share so much eye candy on your blog! I've had that double 4-patch on my list for years - unfortunately, my mom doesn't fill in the gaps for me LOL. LOVE that tiny basket! I'm sort of planning to attend the HMQS, but don't know which day yet. I'm writing from a motel in Moab tonight. Hope the weather is nice enough tomorrow to take our ATVs out since that's what we came for!

  17. I just love that quilt on your bed! It is on my "want to do soon" list! I'm absolutely in awe of your mom's quilting stitches!!! Wow!!! What a treasure for you!

    Carol did a great job encouraging you to put baskets in the corners - that will be the perfect finish! Your little basket is the sweetest thing!

  18. Thank you for showing your bed quilt again, it is gorgeous, and the quilting is beautiful. How wonderful that your mother is a quilter, I envy you, I'm alone in my craft. Those tiny baskets blocks will be the icing on the cake!

  19. I have the "quilt on your bed" pattern on my someday list. It's great and that little basket block is just adorable. It's a perfect way to finish off an already stunning quilt top.

  20. Lotsa comments to lotsa stuff on your post!

    Sally Terry has a wonderful way of making feathers - not the usual but very inventive.

    When preparing to machine quilt a large quilt, I spray my sewing table with dry silicone spray (if you find it) or plain ole Pledge, and buff it up. Works for me and you probably already HAVE Pledge or equal.

    Have fun!

  21. Great quilt, and that teeny tiny basket block is the cutest thing!

  22. oh I just love that quilt on your bed,
    I have started making blocks for a quilt like that , I need to pull those out and start making more
    I love it!
    that tiny basket is just amazing it is going to be the perfect cornerstone I am so glad you listened to carol!
    hmmm a book I need????
    I don't really do a lot of machine quilting but oh i love feathers !

  23. Love the quilt on your bed and your mom does beautiful hand quilting - you are very lucky! Also love your little basket - see how fun tiny things are!?

  24. Love that quilt on your bed. I just can't get enough of looking at scrap quilts.

    Those tiny baskets will be perfect for corner stones. So cute!

  25. I was going to suggest you use the black "plaid" for cornerstones until I saw your itty bitty basket blocks. They are perfect for cornerstones!!

    BTW - did you see the pocket patchwork SAL? I don't have the link with me and it's not baskets but they are cute 6" blocks. I printed out the first three to work on this weekend.

  26. I noticed your new toy in your photo. How do you like the HQ 16? I am going to a sewing show at the end of April so I can test drive the same machine. I'm hoping to mount it on my table top frame.

  27. Your tiny basket block is it!
    What an amazing quilt you have on your bed! I have a triple four patch quilt in one of my UFO bins somewhere!
    That feather book is one of my all time favorites!

  28. I love it all!!! Your bed quilt is just gorgeous.

  29. A nice newsy post, Janet :-) Love the tiny little basket (whew!) - I wonder if foundation piecing would also have been a way to get one this tiny? The feathers book looks interesting too - I need to build up my library of fmq books and ideas too. Love the quilt on your bed - lucky you to have a thoughtful mum!

  30. What a precious keepsake on your bed. I've always wanted to make this quilt in a bit simpler version much like your double four-patch shown in your first blog post - I love that quilt! I can't believe your tiny little basket so cute! Funny you mention a "slider", my MIL just purchased one. I've got my fingers crossed that you will get to the HMQS.

  31. Very pretty quilt on the bed - never tiring of seeing that one! Your baskets are stunning - and the little one is so special, how many more of those to come?
    I have the slider and really like it on the flat bed.
    Thank you for sharing.


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