Saturday, March 17, 2012

Barrister's Blocks and a bevy of baskets!

I encouraged Randy to post more bonus blocks on her Barrister's Sow-A-Long and then I wondered what I was thinking. After all, it isn't like I lack for projects, but I just can't resist these little blocks in plaid. Here are the two latest additions. I made the one in greens in honor of the current holiday.
I don't know that I put enough contrast in the 4-patches of Prairie Queen, but I'm going to live with it.
Then there are the two blocks done in Christmas scraps. I went a little dotty on these!
I'm not always following the value placement of the original blocks--just working with the scraps on hand and whatever surfaces in the remnant table of the LQS.

Okay, now for confession time. It is supposed to be good for the soul. I hope so. I have seen the little Temecula Quilt Blessings Baskets SAL on other blogs and I thought they were incredibly cute. The baskets finish at 4 inches. I've always loved basket quilts, but I've never made one. I did the Temecula 12 Days of Christmas SAL and it was a fun little thing. The blocks are small so it goes together quickly, right? So why not do these little baskets?

I've had some blue and brown CW repro fabrics kicking around that I had wanted to transform into a mini of some sort--why not baskets? So I pulled them out and started cutting.

Yep, I see the error in the bottom right.
This was Thursday, when the third basket was posted. I got all three cut in the blue and brown and thought, "I bet these would look really cute in those 30s scraps I have."
These make me think of those color-
blindness test pictures in the old

So that box found its way to the cutting table and I went through the process again, BUT... as I pulled out the 30s box I saw that it was right on top of my batik scraps box. Wouldn't these look cool in batiks with black as the background? Of course!! So those came out, too.

After I had finished cutting I was putting the blue and brown repro scraps into my CW scrap basket and thought, "Why not do another CW scrap set in random colors?" (I need to stop asking myself these questions. I give all the wrong answers.) So that started a FOURTH set of baskets.

I will even admit that I considered doing another set in Kaffe Fassett scraps, but the prints are too large to be effective in these little pieces. Then there was the idea of a fall theme in a Sandy Gervais print. Stop already! I had to draw the line somewhere!
I have been stitching up these little beauties as leader/enders while putting together this.
Here we have Primitive Gatherings Picnic Quilt #2. You can see #1 here. All of the missing blocks are in strips awaiting sewing together. I am using a collection of background colors that are not as dark as I used the first time around. There will also be one more final border, as on #1, but I think I will use blue on this one (because I found enough of that color at a LQS and bought it while it was available. No one in my area carries a very large selection of KT fabrics on a regular basis).
So Happy National Quilting day. I am making the most of it.
Until next time,
Janet O.
P.S. Happy St. Paddy's Day, too!


  1. What wonderful blocks...OMG I'm in love with your baskets! I love all the colorways!

  2. YOU'RE CRAZY!!!
    Those little baskets are adicting. I've considered a number of different things in my mind but unlike you - I didn't have enough energy to put any of the ideas into action. (I do love the green basket, it's very festive.)

  3. looks like you were on a roll there with all those baskets in all those colors! i love them all, they are adorable! don't stop now...

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I was excited to be caught up with ONE set of Blessing Baskets. I'm loving your Primitive Gatherings #2. Happy St. Paddy's to you, too!

  5. OMG, you little Rogue, you!!! LOL I adore ALL of them and now I'm going to be 'forced' to make one or three... ROFL

  6. Giggle, have got the inspiration bug! Great post on your whirlwind of thought. Love all the blocks.....I just would not do the 4" blocks...they need to be at least 6 for me. Great job.

  7. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too! Loved looking around your blog as I take quilts as inspiration for my work and your stuff is REALLY inspirational! Will be back. xCathy

  8. Robin's right - Crazy is the word that comes to my mind about you and these basket quilts! LOL I like some better than others, but they're all fun! You've been much busier than I have been!

  9. The green block in honor of the day caught my eye right away. Two good plaids.

  10. Okay, so I didn't know it was national quilting day! It's a good thing I did a little bit already and maybe I need to sneak in a little more before I go to bed.
    I like the subtle difference in the oranges in your barrister block.
    I also love all your little baskets! My goodness Mom! You're going crazy! But a good crazy right? I especially love the 30's prints. so cute :)

  11. I just read and loved your post. It's nice to see someone else totally addicted to the small things they love about quilting and patchwork. It brought a smile to my face. Keep up the great work. Everything looks amazing.

  12. I had to giggle over all of your baskets! You just couldn't stop! :) I love those little things so cute, but you know I am partial to the CW baskets. :)

    I must say that I just fell in love with your leader and ender quilt! Hmmmm....I'm thinking that I may have to google for that pattern. Most times I loose interest in a leader and ender project if it is a little busy and tend to go for something more simple to work on for that.

  13. SHAME on you, my friend, for tempting me with these wunnerful iddle biddy baskets!!! As soon as my kids leave today, I'll be plunging right in!

  14. Fun post! Love all your baskets.
    Please send me some of whatever is in the water at your house.

  15. Look how busy you've been! I love all of your blocks!!

  16. Wow! You certainly did celebrate National Quilting Day! Too funny - your many baskets, but they are adorable. Enjoy seeing your progress on the other projects.

  17. Way too tempting to follow your lead and jump into making those adorable little baskets, but not right now. How funny that one fabric group led to another. And look at the bevy of beauties that you ended up with. Wonderful!
    Your Barrister's Blocks look great. I have to get back to those. Soon--very soon.

  18. Janet, an entire quilt of baskets would be fabulous! I love basket blocks and have done a sampler of differing baskets in different sizes, which is fabulous! Love your variety of fabrics. It motivates me to post more bonus blocks!!! I love seeing your work!

  19. Hey girlfriend!! A little over the basket aren't you!! LOL They are wonderful - I've been VERY STRONG and have not made a basket block yet, but only because I know they will be there and I can do them later!!! Great plaids (again!!!) I'm glad you "stitched" a bunch!!


  20. Never too many baskets! right? You're tempting me again. I like your barrister blocks too. Way to go.

  21. blocks look great I need to make mine this week.
    I feel like I am always playing catch up!
    oh well they will get done!
    your picnic quilt 2 is coming along!!! I love this quilt maybe I need a picnic quilt too!

  22. I am always blown away by the number of projects and NEW stuff you have on your blog all the time! I love the baskets in batik on black -- what a TERRIFIC idea!!! :)

  23. Hi Janet - I'm afraid I can't pick a favorite basket set - they are all so pretty! I am now addicted but I've only made a brown set so far. I think there are so many color combos (and I have many scraps!) and basket designs that we will be very busy for a long time :)

  24. What fun!! If the urge takes you...act on it!! Love all your blocks!! You have been really busy but enjoying yourself, by the sounds of it.

  25. You are just a stitching machine ;-)
    My favorite basket block is like the sugar bowl - but then again I like a cake stand too...they are all fun.
    Another fun post - thank you for sharing.

  26. OMG, they are potato chips--can't stop at one, or even five! All look terrific, congrats :)

  27. Too funny! Did anyone ever tell you that you are an overachiever? Can't wait to see your final results!

  28. You really made me chuckle as I kept reading and you kept adding colorways for your baskets.

  29. That is an amazing amount of basket blocks! I'm glad you have time to do them. Enjoy!


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