Friday, December 16, 2011

Angels we have...had in our stash for a long time!

I went 10 whole days without touching my sewing machine, other than to tack down a belt loop on my son's slacks. When I finally did sit down to sew it was to stitch binding to the secret Christmas gift quilt. As I have said before, I am THE WORLD'S SLOWEST BINDER, a title I wear with consternation. I spent hours yesterday doing the hand sewing and I am not even half way through binding the queen size quilt.
So tonight I rebelled! I needed to do something that called for a creative effort. I rummaged around and found some Christmas fabric that I think I bought over 15 years ago (anyone recognize the Brannock and Patek angel fabric--copyright date 1995? I still have a couple of yards of it).
The colors on this look dark, but they are pretty true. I had to take several
photos to get one that stayed this close to the actual fabric colors.
 I just started playing with it, having no specific pattern in mind. Then I decided to do 9-patch and snowball blocks. When I realized the gold corners on the snowballs were creating a star effect--kind of a "Sister's Choice" look--I decided to carry the gold corners into the red border and eventually had this little table topper. That makes two table toppers that are ready for FMQ. I just need to figure out a quilting design, gather my courage and go for it.
I've made no progress on my Rocky Mountain Christmas Quilt. I've been doing too much of this...
One of two baskets filled with gift bags of my herbal soap, ready for delivery!
and this...

Holiday shortbread, plain and jam-filled, being plated up for friends. I
have six holiday shortbread pans, and with three ovens at my house, I
can bake up quite a bit in a short amount of time.
along with delivering the goodies, attending choir practices for the Christmas Cantata at church Christmas Day, shopping, decorating, and all the other things all of you are trying to keep up with, too. When I think about it, to me the biggest mystery currently in the quilting world is how any of you are keeping up with Bonnie's mystery quilt. Yet blog after blog I see the evidence of the QSTs, HSTs, and string blocks accumulating on your sewing tables--some in neat little baskets (you know who you are), some in orderly stacks, and others haphazardly piled in a semblance of organization. I commend you all and stand in awe.
Christmas may bring with it a hectic pace and a stressfully long "to do" list, but I am loving the holiday music (the old standards are my favorites) and movies (again, I lean toward the black and white classics), the lights and Nativity displays, the festive foods and atmosphere of good will. It will be over all too soon. I want to relish it while I can. I think I'll go put in another Christmas movie and pick up where I left off on that quilt binding.
Until next time, from the little mountain valley where we are hoping for a white Christmas,
Janet O.


  1. It snowed here and melted by noon on Thursday. I wish I could sing the Christmas Hymns... I get too choked up still even after 34 years. It's like my Mom singing in my ear and makes me a bawl baby! Enjoy your Binding. It is the final part of the quilt except for the Label. I like your angels/stars. The gold really shows up good.

  2. I love what you made, you can't go wrong with nine patches.
    All your goodies look fabulous.

  3. I LOVE that angel fabric , way too cute! great use of the fabric in that block.
    great packaging on the soaps, what a great gift.
    OH homemade short bread how I wish I was on your gift list :)
    Merry Christmas

  4. I definitely remember the angel fabric as I used it in a quilt. I had it for quite a while before I came up with a use for it.

  5. Your soaps look good enough to cookies. Love your final use of the angel fabric. simple plan and beautiful result.

  6. The angel quilt is darling!!! Love that you got some "stars" in it!! LOL

    Yum, Yum, Love the shortbread!!!!

    I've been sitting at the sewing machine quite a bit - decided to sew up a couple of gifts for the girls. I'll start my major baking next week. No one home until Christmas weekend and I'll deliver food gifts next week!!


  7. A holiday movie and some stitching sounds wonderful!

    You have been busy with fabulous projects...stash diving, soaps and baking - WOW!!

  8. Love all of your projects! I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE shortbread - which is why I generally don't make it - I would just eat it all! Our annual family cookie-bake is tomorrow - looking forward to it.

  9. I love the little angel quilt- no matter how old it is!!
    I enjoy the holidays and all the festivities surrounding it too!!

  10. those angels have wings, mom. :)

    it's a lovely little table-topper. save some shortbread, we're coming! i can't believe we'll be in utah tomorrow! i can't wait to hang out and watch old christmas movies and stitch finger puppets while you probably continue to work on the mystery quilt binding. i guess i could always finish it up for you. :)

  11. Be of good will have that binding sewn down before you know it!
    I think you whipped up a pretty spiffy little table topper too, how creative! And I am indeed impressed with how cute you have wrapped up your little soaps and shortbread!!!

    You have been wonder you have to go 10 w-h-o-l-e days without sewing!!

  12. your topper is gorgeous and your soaps and shortbread will be welcome gifts. you are fortunate to have many friends/family to celebrate with...

  13. WOW! I envy you the fact you can cook too. My food is ugly but edible.
    Unfortunately I have only one empty pencil box left. But then after I get the OB together that will free up 4 of them.
    XOXOXO Subee
    AKA Pencilbox Sue

  14. Love the way your topper turned out - looking forward to seeing it quilted. Yummmm, I'd love a piece of your shortbread. Best Wishes!

  15. I have that same angel fabric. I love what you did with it. Your soap packets look so nice. The recipients will love them. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs

  16. I could have sworn I left a comment here. Hmmm. Blogger is eating my comments now! Your 'play' quilt is wonderful! I love the colors/fabrics you found; they're very pretty. And your shortbread gift plates look like lots of fun!! :)

  17. I laughed at the title of your post. I really like the effect you received by bringing the star points out into the border of your angel table topper. Knowing your giving spirit, I'd bet you like to surprise people with your wonderful creations;) I can't wait until you can post the secret quilt on your blog.

  18. Looks like you've been busy! Your angel fabric is so cute and I love what you've made with it. I need to pull some of my old fabrics out to play with myself. Herbal soaps, hmmmm, are they hard to make? I've often wondered about soap making.

  19. Love what you did with your long ago purchased Christmas fabric. Glad you found some time to stitch.
    Soap and cookies - sounds like a good way to spend some time. I love the old music and movies, too. I'm listening to Doris Day as I type this. Happy Christmas to you and yours!


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