Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall table quilts

This little quilt was made a few years ago from the scraps leftover from the table runner that is my new header.

It is interesting how the photos make the header look so much duller in color. This quilt is more true to the actual colors of the fabric and it is made from a pattern that was in a Country Woman magazine (Sept./Oct. 2006). By making 16 blocks, each made of 4 HSTs, you could arrange them to make one of three different layouts. The layout I used is called Autumn Star. It finishes at a 22" square. I hand quilted it rather sparingly and I bring it out each fall to top a table.

The table runner in my header is from another magazine. This pattern was in  the November/December 2004 Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. This was my first and only attempt so far at fusible applique. It was also my first use of Batiks. I did the blanket stitch by hand, and I have yet to add any quilting to it. Still, it graces my dining table after the Halloween decorations get put away, and before the Christmas stuff comes out.

I finally got my secret quilt off the design wall and to my LAQ today. I can't post a photo or someone will not be surprised come Christmas, but I can email a photo to you (well, most of you) if you are interested. It is a simple Primitive Gatherings pattern with great graphic appeal.

Are they already playing Christmas music on your local radio station? Today was the first day I've heard it here. Yikes!

Until next time, from the little mountain valley where the sagebrush grows,
Janet O.


  1. You new banner and table topper certainly put me in an autumnal spirit... both are lovely!

    It's been a year or two but I used to listen to the radio in the car while driving. One year, the station I liked started with the Christmas music the first of November... and really turned me off. I actually wrote the station and told them that I didn't like Christmas music played so early in the fall, that the music became "old" by the actual holiday, and that, if they were going to play holiday music for 1/6th of the year, I would stop listening to their station. And I did...

    It's bad enough you have to see Christmas stuff in the stores and hear holiday music there without it invading you car as well.

    I'm sure my little protest meant nothing but it sure helped me!


  2. Janet, Lovely fall quilts!!! Of course, you have a star!!! lol Of course I want to see the finished flimsy!!! And then the finished quilt, when it is done. I know it will be treasured!!


  3. very nice fall quilt(s), and NO! I have not heard christmas music YET

  4. Janet, I love the fabrics you've used here -- they're gorgeous and very fallish! I'd love to see your secret quilt, too! I haven't heard any Christmas music hear yet; usually we've got a station that plays non-stop Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. I can't wait! :)

  5. Yes, of course, it is too early for Christmas music and, thank goodness, it hasn't hit Near Philadelphia yet. And, again, of course I want to see your secret project.

  6. You know I can't stand the suspense. Please send me what you made. Christmas music is not allowed until Thanksgiving. LOL

  7. Haven't heard any Christmas Music but I started watching the the new Hallmark Christmas movies while I sit around eating Bon bons...LOL! Thanks for taking time for Autumn. I know the Christmas Music will start soon, there's snow in the forecast. Thanks for sharing your 'secret' quilt with me.

  8. Those leaves don't look easy to applique because of all the inner curves and points. Cute little quilts. Just right for the fall season. As you know, I love HSTs. Wait a minute - hand blanket stitching over a fusible? That must have been hard on your fingers. I think batiks are hard to hand stitch too. No wonder you didn't do any more to this quilt!
    Would love to see the secret quilt.
    I haven't heard Christmas music on the radio but I have heard it in the stores. I'm not thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I've spent years trying to simplify the season. It had gotten to the point where I dreaded December. Not any more!

  9. Glad to hear your surprise quilt was done in time for the LAQ. wootwoot!
    No xmas music on the radio yet but the airport was playing it loudly this past weekend. I found it very annoying in an environment where you have no control over the music and it's so loud in an airport to begin with. I want to enjoy fall and Turkey Day before I get into Christmas...

  10. Can't wait to see the finished Christmas secret quilt. These fall table toppers are such a good idea. A small item to change with the seasons is like visiting with an old friend.

  11. Your topper looks great as your header. Time to dig out my old CW's and have a look for that pattern. Love the colours in your fabrics. My mother told me the poinsettias are at the grocery stores already. Yikes!

  12. Your new banner and table topper are just gorgeous. I love your fabric choices. They have been playing Christmas music at JoAnn fabrics for quite awhile now, and the Christmas trees in Hobby Lobby went up sometime in August when we were having the heat wave.

  13. Janet, I've got the goods! Email me your snail mail addy and you'll have punkin pancakes for Thanksgiving breakfast!


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