Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodies in the Mail from LuAnn at Loose Threads!

If you haven't seen LuAnn's post with the instructions for this quilt check it out. This is LuAnn's own version of the Flurry pattern available here for free download at the Fat Quarter Shop.
She wanted a wall hanging so she made her packages using charm squares, rather than a layer cake. Then she had a giveaway for the fabrics to make your own and I won! The package arrived today.
This gracious woman was already going above and beyond in her give away--it included 1 1/2 yards of Kona white and 1/2 yard each of the Kona red and green, along with 2 of the Flurry charm packs.

But the package contained more. Along with everything promised, LuAnn had added 3/4 yard of this cute candy fabric for binding. She had gone to Quilts Plus to see how they had quilted their Flurry quilt and decided to get this to bind hers. She got some for me, too.
Isn't it fun? What a nice surprise to find in the mail on a busy, hectic day!
Among other things, I had just returned home from a nearby cemetery where I visited the grave of my dear friend who died after a brief illness in May. This would have been her 60th birthday today. I had driven to town first and picked up some of her favorite flowers to put on her grave. As I stood waiting for them to be wrapped I just started crying as memories of this special friend flooded my mind. I felt very conspicuous, and couldn't get out of the store fast enough. I drove to the cemetery in tears. Once there I sat on a bench by her grave in this little burial place at the base of the mountains. I looked back toward the entrance that gives a beautiful view out over the valley. I spent about 20 minutes there, all alone, listening to the birds. They were usually the only thing I could hear, and it was very calming.
I left for home feeling more at peace. When I found LuAnn's package in the mail and unwrapped this treasure, I was smiling. Thanks seems inadequate, LuAnn. You are most generous!

Until next time, from the little mountain valley where the sagebrush grows,
Janet O.


  1. (((Janet)))

    So good of you to spend some time remembering your good friend on her birthday. My late best friend's 60th b'day was in August... so I kinda understand.

  2. So sorry about your friend, Janet. I still tear up over a friend and neighbor who passed 7 years ago. What a good, peaceful thing to do on her birthday.
    That's a great giveaway from LuAnn. The gift of friendship!?!?

  3. I think sometimes that memories can be a little overwhelming. I had a good cry the other day when I was just telling me son something about my grandmother that had passed away 21 years ago.

    Such a wonderful pattern and goodies that you won!! Love that binding fabric.

    Have a great day!

  4. What perfect timing for a surprise in the mail. So hard to lose a friend - hope your day today is sunshiney!

  5. My late husband used to say we were mated for life, like geese, so sometimes the sight of a flock of geese flying overhead will set me off on a crying jag, so I know what you mean. That is such a peaceful outlook for your friend's resting place. I'm glad you were able to sit and contemplate your friendship and be at peace and listen to nature.

  6. May is not that long ago. The grieving process can take such a long time. What a beautiful place to honor and remember your friend.

  7. That is a lovely quilt and how fun you won the goodies to make it!
    I am sorry you lost your friend.

  8. Blessings to you this day!!!
    Lovely view, lovely quilt for a lovely lady!

  9. What a beautiful location for a cemetery and to remember your friend with the bird songs to soothe your soul. I'm sure she knows you care so much to remember her on her birthday!

  10. Yes, her quilt is wonderful 'eye candy'!!! Now, you can whoop up some of your own 'eye candy' with your winnings!!!!

  11. janet, lovely surprise in the mail and on a day of sadness too...

  12. Hi Janet You are welcome for the package, and thanks for the wonderful post. I'm sorry about your friend, but what a peaceful place where she rests. I'm glad the package made you smile!

  13. So sorry about your was sweet of you to remember her on her birthday. I love that Flurry pattern...I'll have to put it on my someday list. :)

  14. Sorry about your friend--what a blessing that the both of you had such a wonderful special relationship....very special!

    Delightful surprise from LuAnn.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  15. Such a touching story about your visiting your friend's grave. How awful that she passed away so young. But how nice of you to remember her. And the setting is beautiful....if I'd have to be buried some place, I'd like it to be some place with a nice view like that!

  16. That is a beautiful view! It is so fun to have surprises in the mail any day but that one was very timely and Generous.

  17. Janet, I'm sorry about the loss of your sweet friend. 60 is so young. I love small, peaceful, country cemeteries.

    How fun for you to win LuAnn's giveaway!


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