Saturday, July 30, 2011

Conflict on the design wall and a thrift store find

The projects on my design wall are growing. They are jockeying for priority position. Floribunda started off as leader/ender to the Tree of Life quilt, but it keeps jumping in front. Now they have both grown to the point that they are threatening each other's space on the wall. I'm interested to see which one will be the winner. I feel like the whole thing is totally out of my hands. Also, I'm still trying to decide on a border to go between the tree of life and the Ocean Waves blocks.
Yes, those are more Floribunda blocks on design boards, leaning
against the wall, and waiting to be assembled. They are currently
in the "9-patch" stage, so they finish up pretty quickly.
Before I forget--looky here! This arrived in my mail Thursday from Julie at Me and My Stitches. I was so excited when I won her giveaway! Her stuff is amazing! It is as great as it looked on the website. She has posted new stuff on her blog--go check it out! Julie's stuff will not disappoint. I will wear this proudly!
This is about 7/8" by 1 1/2" in real life
I have been busy making soap and it was fun to see what the giveaway winners chose for the scents of their soaps--some choices are ones that have been my most popular over the years. Other choices are unique scents that I don't make very often. So far I have made the scents that involve cinnamon--cinnamon patchouli, orange cinnamon, and cedar cinnamon. I've also mixed up the grapefruit/lime--a very fresh blend. There are four more to make. There was very little overlap in their choices, but I don't mind. I love them all, and I love to make a variety whenever I get all of the equipment out and start into a marathon soap making session. I don't know if you click on the photo below if you will be able to read the words on the soap dish hanging over the sink. It was a gift 5 years ago from my dear friend who died a couple of months ago. She was a big fan of my soap.
My "soap kitchen." When we were finishing our home, DH graciously
agreed to building this wall into my craft area.
Special cabinet for curing soap. Slots in the
door allow for air circulation as soap cures.
I believe I have mentioned before that I love thrift store shopping. When I have a chance I like to drop in and browse the aisles. You find some wonderful treasures some days--other days you leave empty-handed. Well, on Tuesday I was lucky. For one thing, recently Kristie at Cowgirl Quilter (my giveaway winner!) showed the baskets she uses for her strips of fabric on a current project. I thought they looked great, but wasn't sure where to find them. Of course, at the thrift store! These three were waiting for me down the plasticware aisle. I'm already using them.

Then I succumbed to another plaid shirt for my shirt stash (thank you, Bonnie)--I won't take up space to show you, but it is a beautiful red plaid. And last of all, this came home with me.

 I have had a Viking for 33 years. About four years ago DH surprised me with a new Pfaff for Mother's Day, since my Viking was so old it couldn't be fitted with a walking foot (I know--technically Pfaffs have "even feed," not a walking foot), but there are some things I still do on the old Viking. This Viking isn't quite as old as my original, but almost. It runs fine and has a few stitches my other machines don't have--since I don't go for the "bells and whistles" models. I had thought about giving it to someone, but now I'm feeling selfish. We'll see. I also have my mother's 59 year-old Bernina--and it still works, too. If I set them all up in my new sewing room (my attempt to make lemonade out of the recently emptied nest) it would be pretty crowded.

I don't know how much sewing I will accomplish this weekend, with soap production taking priority right now. So the winner of the design wall war will not be decided yet. I will keep you posted.

Until next time, from the little mountain valley where the sagebrush grows,
Janet O.


  1. Neat pin! Lucky you. I also love thrift stores and garage sales. The sewing machine was a great find! Making soap looks like quite a project. Good luck on your quilts. They both look awesome!

  2. Haven't talked in a while, but I see you have been busy!!! Do I get to vote for the quilt wall winner? Love the Floribunda!!! But the tree of life quilt is stunning! Oh well work on them both!!!


  3. I can almost smell the soap now. What a great area you have built in to work on and cure it. I have a small pile of florals and a yellow to start Floribunda. I love how yours is looking.

  4. You picked a great pin, and congrat's again being the winner from Julie's giveaway.
    Everybody should be lucky enough to have a design wall with such goodies as yours. Both are great projects. I'll be watching to see what you decide to use between the tree and the ocean. Is the space too wide to simply use a striped fabric? or are you set on a row of pieced blocks?
    You're so fortunate to have a dedicated space for your soap making. Lucky you to have such an understanding husband.

  5. I love that pin! She does a wonderful job, I read her blog all of the time. Looks like you found some goodies! You will enjoy the baskets, I got mine on clearance at Walmart. Love that machine! Seems like the older ones hold up much better than some of the newer ones. Both of your quilts are beautiful! Can't make up my mind which one that I like better, they are just completely different.

    Have a wonderful day

  6. Sad, I didn't win the Giveaway... That's nice of the DH to accomodate the soap making. The new to you machine looks good and after you work with it awhile- to make sure it works good enough, you'll find someone who really needs it. The tree of life looks good, how about a darker blue kicker border in the empty space? Then you can take it off the wall and stitch it up so Floribunda can take over the whole space.

  7. Your quilts are looking great, and congrats on the great thifting! Yay! Your soap making looks like quite a nice to have all that space just for it! Lucky!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ocean waves, of course. And what could be better than a blue and white quilt? I'd work on that first!! And love your new machine!

  9. I loved reading about your lucky Thrifting trip, wow, what a haul!

    You are the only person I know with a dedicated soaping area! I'm amazed! That Grapefruit/Lime does sound fresh! ;)

  10. I just love the flag pin wow, just beautiful. I would wear that proudly
    ok loving your ocean wave quilt that quilt has been on my list of quilts to make forever,
    I had better get on it!
    have fun making soap today I hope to be doing some hand quilting

  11. my goodness.. you are so busy I almost need a nap.
    The deisign wall shot is beautiful as is the pin and your soaps.
    I love a good find shopping!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your soap making setup looks fabulous. Is your sewing area this nice, too?
    I think it is good to work on a different project when one project has stalled. It's a good time for ideas to percolate!
    Congrats on your new acquisitions!

  13. I love Cedar. I have some cedar blocks that only need a bit of scuffing up to bring back their scent!
    XOXOXO Subee

  14. Which one is going to win? I love the Tree one!


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