Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Many Thanks & My Design Wall Audition

First of all I must send out a big "Thank You" to Bonnie Hunter for the link to my blog. I am meeting some great new people, and as a relatively new blogger, that is fun. Her book, pictured here, gave me new enthusiasm for finishing some projects that had seemed like they would never get done. I had to send her some of my handcrafted herbal soap as a thank-you. In an earlier post I said that when I had enough people reading this blog I would do some kind of soap give away, so if you stay tuned you may have a chance at a similar package.

Well, the design wall finally went up last night and I am so excited to use it. The only problem is that my current project is still mostly on the design boards, not ready for the wall. One block on the wall is not that inspiring, don't you think?

But I had to try it out, so I pulled out a set of blocks that I made using a pattern I picked up at a shop hop 5 years ago. They have been simmering, waiting for a great setting idea. I think I finally found one when I got Sharyn Craig's book referenced in a previous post, but I won't be working on this for a little while. The baby quilt, t-shirt quilt, and another one I have yet to post about have to take priority. But hey, they sure look good on the new design wall.

Each block contains 16 different fabrics in the center. It was fun collecting the fabrics from remnants, fat quarters and other quilters' scraps. The orange and purple colors were the most challenging to find in large variety. Hopefully next time you see the design wall it will contain something that I am really working on. Thank you DH, for making this a reality.

"Til next time, from the little mountain valley where the sagebrush grows (and where it DID NOT snow today!),
Janet O.


  1. Loved the blocks on the design wall. Am just a bit jealous that you have one. My design wall is my lounge room floor.

    Can't wait to see the quilt finished.

  2. Found you through Bonnie Hunter too. :) Welcome to blogging, although I'm a rather new blogger as well. I read through your old posts and we have a fairly similar style - mostly traditional-ish blocks (mine are usually a bit brighter than yours, but just as scraptacular!), and I'm a bit like you in that I've never joined a guild, and I'm currently using a pattern for the first time ever (although it's just one of Bonnie's free scrap patterns, so I'm not sure if it counts).

    Anyways, just wanted to say hello and I hope you're having a great day!

  3. Hi Janet. Welcome to blog land a fun and informative place. I love your style. I am a rebel quilter doing my own thing.

  4. I just hopped over from Bonnie's blog, too. I loved reading your blog. I am so impressed by what you are making. I have the Judy Mathieson's Mariner's Compass book and just need to get going on making it. I also saw the "Eye Fooler" quilt somewhere else but did not know the name of the quilt or the pattern maker. You have saved me some time hunting for it.

    Best wishes.

  5. Those blocks are great!! I need a design wall but I just really don't have anywhere to put it.

  6. I like your style, Janet. Sounds like you have as much going on as I do. Isn't it fun! Love the blocks on your design wall and look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  7. Hi Janet

    I am visiting from Bonnie's blog too, all the way via New Zealand! You write a very nice blog too, I am pleased I have found you.


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